VK9QO now QRT. Thank you, Mikio

VK9QO in Christmas Island QRT at 20 UTC in October 31 with 174 QSO logged, though there are dupes and broken callsigns.

Due to flight problem, VK9QO needed to skip QRV in Cocos Keeling. Due to power amp problem, VK9QO had only to QRV CW mode with only 1W power and frequent rain and thick cloud decreased X band wave. Under this circumstance with a lot of issues, JA3GEP Mikio had excellent operation to give QO-100 lovers NEW entity. Please join me to give Mikio a big round of applause!!

Thank you for your patience. I know all of you expected stronger signal and smoother operations.

After Mikio comes back to Japan, we will release more detail report.

Please refer QSL information.

de President of JAMSAT JH4PHW Shiro Sakai