Introducing JAMSAT Award

Revised 26 Jan.2007
Revised 28 Oct.2017 update on electric QSL, effective satellites
New rule applied form 1 Jan, 2018

On behalf of the JAMSAT(Japan-AMSAT) board, it is my great honor to draw your attention to our brand new award, named JAMSAT Five Stars Award.

[Award Rule]
Issuing of this award is intended to get more higher activity of radio amateur communication over satellites and eventually to have more fellows in this field and protect the frequency allocation given to the amateur satellites use.

2.Award name:
In English: JAMSAT Five Stars Award

3.This Award is opened for world wide, with following terms and conditions.:
a.The applicant is required to establish a QSO with five(5) different stations over five (5) different Satellites.(Total 25 QSL Cards by different station are required)
b.One specific satellite is counted once, even the QSO was made on different mode or band on the same satellite.
c.Valid only 2way QSOs. Cross mode QSOs are not valid on this award.
d.The QSOs using Digital mode and SSTV are valid, however you are requested to get QSL Cards.
e.No specific endosement (eg. CW, SSB) is provided.
f.QSL is accepted by traditional paper QSL card. In addition to it, electric QSL with used satellite information, such as eQSL.cc and LoTW can be accepted.
g.All QSO within valid license condition are accepted.

4.Valid QSOs:
QSOs made after the January 1st, 2006 00:00 UTC are valid.

5.Application format:
As for the application, no specific format is provided. You can use your own QSO list, however it is recomended to use a format of ARRL or JARL. Please send your GCR, certified by 2 radio amateurs, but please DO NOT send QSL cards to us. (We can not take any resposibility against it.)

6.Fee on the application:
From abroad, Ten(10) “NEW” IRCs should be sent with the application form if you request to send via air mail. No Fee if you accept via sea mail. For the domestic application, 5 82JPN Stamp should be remited by Postal Money Order. If you are member of the JAMSAT, then free of charge.
This is not a duty, but your any donations to build new amateur satellites will be most welcomed by us. If you were agree with this, then please add some amount on top of the award application fee. JAMSAT will surely remit those your warm donations to the AMSAT-DL and/or AMSAT-NA accordingly. (Please understand that the JAMSAT-Board is entitled to divide the sum of donations for each party and project.)

7.Please forward your application to the following.:
For the attenion of Mr. S. Murakami
PO Box 26, Mizushima Post Office,
Kurashiki, Okayama 712-8691, Japan

If you have had any query, please send your message by e-mail.