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PAL TVによる撮影に成功 1999/05/13

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Subject: [jamsat-amsat-bb:24123] SUNSAT PAL Images received
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 14:56:03 +0200
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For your information:

We are happy to announce that for the third consecutive day we have now received images from the PAL TV imager on SUNSAT. This commercial grade TV camera is connected via a MUX to the S band transmitter and the images have been received at the Overberg Test Range and today also with the SUNSAT ground station.
The signal strength of the S band transmitter is constant over the pass and the
images of oceans with some clouds and today of South Africa marks a milestone in the commissioning of SUNSAT. The image covers an angle below the satellite of 90 degrees and two of the antennas is visible on the image. On the ground directly below the satellite it covers width of 450km. The image is three color and the colors are bright and vibrant.

The congratulations goes to our ground station engineers and lecturers who committed to achieving this milestone.

SUNSAT Micro satellite Launched: 23 February 1999

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24 Feb: switch telemetry transmitter on and hear first signals
25 Feb: record and analyse first telemetry
26 Feb: more telemetry, first switch on of OBC1, 'I'm alive'
27 Feb: boom deployment, more telemetry,
28 Feb: upload first diary to OBC1 to initiate 10 min interval diary, downloaded in the USA
1 Mar: restart OBC1, upload diary to do WOD file over 70 min
3 Mar: backup telecommand path verified
4 Mar: y-axis torque coil working, estimators switched on
5 Mar: estimators switched on, reliable communication day and night
6 Mar: SUNSAT attitude is stabilised and pointing to the earth
14 Mar: SUNSAT is voice repeater and 38 radio amateurs use it to talk to each other
21 Mar: SUNSAT Reaction wheels used to rotate satellite,
24 Mar: NASA JPL GPS receiver switched on
25 Mar: Successful 128kbyte code upload for ADCS and filters are converging
5 Apr: Calibration of ADCS actuators
12 Apr: Successful testing of software upload for OBC1
14 Apr: Successful rotation of imager tube
15 Apr: Groundstation repairs due to rain damage begin
21 Apr: First star mapper image downloaded and first imager sensor test indicates all is functioning well
22 Apr: OBC software successfully uploaded
11 May: First images from the PAL TV imager on SUNSAT
13 May: First images with the PAL TV imager of South Africa

SUNSAT Micro satellite Launch Attempts:
14/1(T-4min), 15(T-8min), 20, 21, 22, 26, 27(T-4min), 28 (T+13 sec),
7/2(T-4min), 12(T-4min), 13(T-4min), 23!!! February 1999

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