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[jamsat-news:994] * SpaceNews 21-Dec-98 *

* SpaceNews 21-Dec-98 *

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		        MONDAY DECEMBER 21, 1998

SpaceNews originates at KD2BD in Wall Township, New Jersey, USA.  It
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AO-10 continues to function well with the exception of the long-standing
QSB problem, which varies in severity at differing times in the orbit.
Several have noted that the keps posted several weeks ago are beginning
to "slip" a bit.  Here are some updated keps based on recent ranging data:

Satellite: AO-10
Catalog number: 14129
Epoch time:      98351.41768
Inclination:        27.0440 deg
RA of node:         53.3190 deg
Eccentricity:     0.60045
Arg of perigee:    274.4330 deg
Mean anomaly:      220.1480 deg
Mean motion:     2.05837918 rev/day
Decay rate:         0.00    rev/day^2
Epoch rev: 		11664

1 14129U          98351.41768000 0.00000000           00000-0 0     1
2 14129  27.0440  53.3190 6004500 274.4330 220.1480  2.05837918116643

[Info via Stacey Mills, W4SM]

* RS-12/RS-13 NEWS *
Tom Hart, AD1B, reports that he has been using the RS-12/13 satellite
extensively for the last couple of years.  The satellite has been
operating on the following frequencies for several weeks:

VHF Beacon:  145.916 MHz
HF  Beacon:   29.505 MHz
HF  Uplink:   21.260 - 21.500 MHz
HF  Downlink: 29.460 - 29.500 MHz

Tom believes that the 2m beacon is RS-12 and the Mode K transponder is
that of RS-13.  Activity has been modest.  With the satellite in its
present state, Mode A stations are unable to access the satellite.

[Tom Hart, AD1B]

The current duration of solar eclipse time has continued to provide
OSCAR-11 with near optimum conditions, maintaining an adequate power
budget, while not allowing internal temperatures to rise to excessive
levels.  During the period 1998-Nov-15 to 1998-Dec-16, reasonable
signals have been received from OSCAR-11's 145.826 MHz FM beacon.
Telemetry has been nominal, and the battery voltage is now usually
around 13.9 volts.

The magnetorquer spin correction counters have continued to be of
interest.  Recently there have been very few spin counter increments,
although the spin period remains around its nominal value of -300

The internal temperatures have fallen slightly, by about one degree C
after reaching a peak last month.  They are now 9.0C and 7.0C for
battery and telemetry electronics respectively.

The single WOD survey, of channels 1, 2, 3, 61 (magnetometers) dated
1998-Oct-10 is still being transmitted.  This current WOD starts at
the normal time of 00:00:05 UTC.

Reports have been received of the Mode-S beacon from Jack W9JIU and
Victor OK1VKW.  Victor uses a 40 element horizontally polarized Yagi
with an SSB Electronics converter.  Signal strengths are S1 - S2,
which are about 10 dB above the ambient noise.

OSCAR-11's operating schedule is unchanged:

	ASCII status (210 seconds)
	ASCII bulletin (60 seconds)
	BINARY SEU (30 seconds)
	ASCII TLM (90 seconds)
	ASCII WOD (120 seconds)
	ASCII bulletin (60 seconds)
	BINARY ENG (30 seconds)

The ASCII bulletin is currently a static message, detailing modes
and frequencies of all the amateur radio satellites.

There are additional status blocks after each bulletin is transmitted,
and between ASCII TLM and WOD.

The Mode-S beacon is ON, transmitting an unmodulated carrier, but
telemetry indicates that it has partially failed, and delivering half
power.  This beacon is a useful test source for those testing Mode-S
converters, prior to the launch of P3-D.  It is considerably weaker
than DOVE, which should be used for initial testing.  Any reports of
2401 MHz Mode S beacon reception would be most welcome, and should be
directed to Clive Wallis, G3CWV at: g3cwv@amsat.org

OSCAR-11's 435.025 MHz UHF beacon is normally OFF.  However, it can
sometimes be heard when the satellite is being commanded by ground
control, ie. within range of Guildford, UK.  When the 435 MHz UHF beacon
is transmitting, the 145 MHz VHF beacon is normally OFF.  The data
transmitted is mainly binary.

Listeners to OSCAR-11 may be interested in visiting a web site designed
by Clive Wallis, G3CWV.  The site contains details of hardware required
and some software for capturing data, and decoding ASCII telemetry and
WOD (whole orbit data) from the OSCAR-11 satellite.  The site includes
an archive of raw data (mainly WOD) for analysis, which is continually
being expanded as new data is captured.  Also included are some audio
files which contain examples of each type of data transmitted by OSCAR-11.
Each file plays for about ten seconds, and there are even examples of
Mode-S reception.  All the audio files are zipped, so that they can
be played off-line.  They are made available to help listeners identify
the various types of data, and give an indication of the signal quality
required for successful decoding of OSCAR-11 telemetry.

The URL is -


[Info via Clive Wallis, G3CWV]

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