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[jamsat-news:993] * SpaceNews 28-Dec-98 *

* SpaceNews 28-Dec-98 *

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		        MONDAY DECEMBER 28, 1998

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On Monday 1998-Dec-21, the OBC186 flight software on UO-22 crashed after
operating for well over 500 days.  The satellite was switched into telemetry
downlink after the crash by controllers to ensure that all systems looked
nominal before starting the OBC software reload.  The satellite will be
made available for general use once the software upload is complete.

[Info via Chris Jackson, G7UPN, UoS Groundstation and Operations Manager]

Chris Jackson, G7UPN, reports that during software loading and some other
command activities, TMSAT-OSCAR-31 satellite controllers may close the
satellite's BBS to general users.  This ensures that command activity
is not obstructed or slowed by user traffic and should allow controllers
to complete these activities quicker.

Images taken by the satellite's earth imaging camera system are now being
compressed using ZIP compression prior to storage on the satellite.  The
compression shrinks the size of the image files by about 20 percent,
allowing them to occupy less RAM on-board the satellite as well as reduce
download time from the satellite.  The smaller file sizes also increase
their lifetime on the satellite. 

The Mir space station has been active on slow-scan television since
1998-Dec-12 on an intermittent basis.  At the present time, Mir is
expected to share its 145.985 MHz FM VHF downlink with both the SSTV
experiment as well as the Mir packet radio BBS.  The BBS is expected
to run on weekdays, while SSTV runs on weekends and holidays.

The first SSTV uplink to Mir took place on 1998-Dec-20 at 16:10 UTC
by Farrell Winder, W8ZCF.  The uplink experiment served as practice
for the cosmonauts to allow them greater familiarity with the SSTV
equipment now on-board Mir.  SSTV uplink days are expected to be
scheduled in Feburary after the cosmonauts further their training
with the SSTV equipment, and to extablish SSTV uplink rules for
ground stations.

The slow-scan television images transmitted by Mir use the Robot
Research 36 second color format.  Probably the easiest method of
receiving video from Mir is to use SSTV receiving software along
with a PC and sound card or "Hamcomm" interface.  Such software
comes in many different varieties.  Information on slow-scan
television and PC-based SSTV software may be found at the
following URL:


Note that the popular JVFAX software does not support the Robot 36
SSTV mode that is currently in use by the Mir space station.

[Info via Miles Mann, WF1F]

The DOVE-OSCAR-17 satellite stopped transmitting in March of 1998.  Since
then, controllers have not been able to get the satellite to respond to
any ground command.  There are several things that remain to be tried,
and controllers will attempt them in the next few weeks.

DOVE has gone into a "no response" state several times in the past, and
has come out it.  As a result, controllers are not yet declaring the
satellite lost.

[Info via Jim White, WD0E]

The 14th AMSAT-UK Colloquium, SpaceComm '99, will be held at Surrey
University, Guildford, Surrey, U.K., from Friday 23rd July to Sunday
25th July 1999.  See below for information about a "beginners' session".

AMSAT-UK invites authors to submit papers, about amateur radio space and
associated activities, for this event and for the "Proceedings" document
which will be published at the same time.  Organizers normally prefer
authors to present the papers themselves rather than having someone else
read them in their absence, but "unpresented" papers are also welcomed
for the document.

Offers of Papers should be submitted as soon as possible; the final date
for full documents is mid-June 1998 in order that the "Proceedings" document
be available to participants.  A second (and final) call for papers will
issue about March 1999; probably at the same time as Colloquium booking
information becomes available.

Submissions should be sent *ONLY* to G3RWL, via the following routes:

Internet e-mail:  g3rwl@amsat.org
Packet Radio:     G3RWL @ GB7HSN.#32.GBR.EU
Satellite:        AO16/22/25

Terrestrial mail: R W L Limebear G3RWL
                  60 Willow Road
                  Enfield EN1 3NQ
                  United Kingdom.
(no fax available)

AMSAT-UK also invites anyone with requests for Program Topics to submit
them as soon as possible to G3RWL.  Invitations for any papers on specific
subjects will be included in the future call.

Additionally, the AMSAT-UK committee wonders if there is a demand for
sessions specifically for beginners to amateur satellite operating; if
such sessions were to occur they would probably be FREE and take place
on the Thursday.  If you would be interested in coming to the beginners
sessions please let Richard know; if no-one expresses interest, then
it won't happen.

You do not have to be a member of AMSAT-UK to come to this event.

[Info via 73 Richard G3RWL, Colloquium Program organizer]

Thanks to all who sent messages of appreciation to SpaceNews, especially:

		G3CWV			Z21DC

Happy Holidays and all the best wishes for the New Year to everyone!

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