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[jamsat-news:757] * SpaceNews 26-Jan-98 *

* SpaceNews 26-Jan-98 *

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                        MONDAY JANUARY 26, 1998

SpaceNews originates at KD2BD in Wall Township, New Jersey, USA.  It
is published every week and is made available for non-commercial use.

* InfoEspace NEWS *
Mike, VE2TRV, has made some adjustments to the Laval Laurentides ARC Web
site, so InfoEspace, the French translation of SpaceNews, has been moved
to its own subdirectory.  The number of files in the /ve2crl directory was
becoming too large to manage efficiently.  The latest edition of InfoEspace
is now at the following URL:


Work is currently underway to have archives of InfoEspace available at the
site.  The download page will be accessible via a link on the main InfoEspace
page, and the files will be compressed using PKZIP.  The changes should be
completed by the end of January.

InfoEspace is in its fourth year of publication, serving French-speaking
amateur space fans since mid-1994.

[Info via Mike Detaille, VE2TRV]

A memory error was detected in the onboard computer system of the FUJI-3
(FO-29) satellite.  Restarting and software reloading is currently being
carried out, but the process is taking a long time due to poor uplink
efficiency. The operating schedule previously announced for FO-29 has
been cancelled.  The satellite will remain in analog mode (Mode JA)
continuously untuil further notice.  A new operating schedule is
expected to be announced shortly.

[Info via Kazu Sakamoto, JJ1WTK]

Recent observations suggest that the AMSAT-OSCAR-10 satellite is no longer
stable in its Z-axis (the normal axis of spin), and is slowly tumbling or
"wobbling" in orbit.  The satellite is currently going through several deep
periods of signal fading with a measured cycle of 15 to 20 minutes, and
this condition will make it difficult, if not impossible, for spacecraft
controllers to accurately predict AO-10's functional status over long
periods of time.  If the present trend continues, AMSAT-OSCAR-10 will
simply continue to show periods of slow signal fading followed by periods
of rather strong signals over a cycle of multiple minutes as a result of
the Z-axis wobble.

[Info via Stacey Mills, W4SM]

NASA has selected Barbara Morgan, an elementary school teacher from
McCall, ID, to join the next astronaut candidate class as a mission
specialist, and she has accepted.

In a decision that re-emphasizes the importance of NASA's strong commitment
to education and its unique position to advance the Nation's goals to
improve science, mathematics, and technology education, the Agency has
determined that it is appropriate to include educator mission specialists
in the astronaut corps.

In addition to meeting the astronaut selection requirements, mission
specialists with education and teaching backgrounds in science, mathematics
and technology will be selected and trained in the astronaut corps.  These
mission specialists will carry out educational programs in addition to
their other assigned flight duties.

[Info via NASA]

The Sputnik-40 Amateur Radio Satellite went silent around December 30, 1997.
The satellites batteries lasted 4 weeks longer than expected.  Overall, the
project was a complete success.  It generated lots of interest in space and
satellites around the world.  School children everywhere were tuning their
radios to listen for the beep, beep, beep of Sputnik-40.  Congratulations
go to everyone involved in the Sputnik project.

Those fortunate enough to hear the signal from Sputnik before it went
silent can send away for a SWL (Short Wave Listener) card from one of two
addresses.  Listeners who heard the satellite on more than one occasion
should only send away for ONE (1) card.  In an earlier report, an incorrect
zip code and old city name name were included in a QSL address.  The good
news is that people who used the old address do not have to worry.  Most
of the cards addressed to the old address are being delivered to the correct

Include with your card the date and UTC time the signal from Sputnik-40 was
copied.  Envelopes should be well sealed and not include cash.  Send an SAE
(Self Addressed Envelope) and one or two IRC coupons (which can be purchased
at major US post offices) with your request.  Do not make any notes on the
out side of the envelope with Amateur Radio call signs visible.  Dave Larsen,
MIREX / N6CO is not handling SWL cards for Sputnik.  Please use the address

        QSL Information for SWL (Short Wave Listener)
        Sergej Samburov
        PO Box 73
        Korolev-10 City
        Moscow Area, 141070, Russia

There is another address that can be used to receiver confirmation of
Sputnik-40 reception is the FR5KJ radio club:

        FR5KJ radio club
        College Jules Reydellet
        103 rue de la Republique
        97 489 Saint Denis Cedex
        Reunion Island.

The Mir crew is expected to be very busy for the next two months.  The
2-meter packet radio station was temporarily moved from the core module
of Mir and installed in the Priroda Module.  This move was performed to
take advantage of the backup dual-band antenna shared with the SAFEX II
repeater.  The crew also installed a TNC recently, but due to the crew's
heavy work load, the TNC parameters have not been properly configured.
Mirex would like stations monitoring the PMS to please be patient while
adjustments are made.  The PMS is NOT fully operational at this time.

MIREX has created an Internet Web page containing information regarding Mir
and the various Amateur Radio experiments taking place from the space station.
The pages are still "under construction", but some good information can be
gathered from what has been put together so far.  URLs include the following:

        http://www.ik1sld.org/mirex.htm  OR

        http://www.geocities.com/~ik1sld/mirex.htm  OR

[Info via Miles, WF1F]

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