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[jamsat-bb:5014] New Minotaur Launch

New Launch:  27 January 2000   0303 Z 

Site:  Vandenberg AFB

Launcher:  Minotaur

International Number(s):  2000-004A/B/C/D/E

  SSC      Name

26061     ASUSAT-1      [Owner = USA]

26062     OPAL          [Owner = USA]

26063     OCS           [Owner = USA]

26064     FALCONSAT-2   [Owner = USA]

26065     JAWSAT        [Owner = USA]


This is the first launch of satellites to orbit by the Minotaur booster.  It
is a combination of Minuteman ICBM first & second stages with the upper
stages from the Taurus booster.  The above satellites have been cataloged by
USSC and published by  NASA.  They are a collection of imagery, technology,
science and communications payloads.  Some additional payloads are
apparently going to stay attached to the above satellites.  One non-NASA
report does show additional satellites being released.  Contributors are the
USAF Academy, Stanford, Arizona State, Weber State, NASA Marshall SFC and
the USAF Research Lab. 

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