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[jamsat-bb:5011] RS-13 and 8J1RL

 先ほど、チェコスロバキアの OK1DIG / Daniel Glanc氏からメールを

 その要旨の一つは、日本では今 RS-13のアクティビティが低いけれど
 昭和基地の 8J1RL局と直接連絡を取りたいのだが、そのEメールアド

 方がいましたら、直接次の Glac氏か、私宛てにご連絡下さい。


 二つ目の、南極昭和基地 8J1RL局宛ての E-Mail先をご存じの方はい
 ますか?  ( >JA3CF岩崎さん、ご存じでしょうか? )

《Daniel Glanc氏からのメール》

> From: "Daniel Glanc" <ok1dig@iol.cz>
> To: "JE9PEL" <je9pel@jamsat.or.jp>
> Subject: RS-13
> Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 10:13:54 -0000
> Hi Mineo,
> I see your adds frequently on the amsat-bb.
> Maybe you can help me a little. I am looking
> for somebody from JA, who is working on the
> RS-13 satellite. Recently due to good HF propa-
> gation there is a good possibility to work the
> satellite in "sub-horizon". It is possible in mode K
> or combination of mode A and K. I frequently hear
> the satellite passing over JA, but not too much
> activity there - I am positive the QSO is possible.
> Can you spread this info on JA sat operators or
> give me some e-mail contact to somebody who
> will be able to take part on this interesting experiment.
> Also I hear the satellite passing Antarctica, I know
> that the JA Base is active as 8J1RL on AO-10 and
> the digital sats and HF ( I have no rig for digisats yet...).
> Is there a way how to e-mail 8J1RL ? - I have seen
> their log on web on the JARL page but there is no
> direct access to them.
> Forgive me bothering you with so many questions,
> but I don=B4t have any other JA stn e-mail who is
> interested in SAT operation.
> Thanks for your help in advance
> 73 ! Dan / OK1DIG ( JO60XJ ).
> ok1dig@iol.cz

《Daniel Glanc氏宛て自著メール》

Hello Daniel,

I understood your opinion for RS-13 QSO.  I think so too.
I shall spread to be more activity of mode A or K through
RS-13 in JAMSAT(Japan-AMSAT) members and all JA.

Well, I know too that the JA Base is active as 8J1RL on
AO-10 passing Antarctica. Although I don't know at present 
how to e-mail 8J1RL, I shall looking for a e-mail address
and I'm thinking of sending you a mail after this.


Name : JE9PEL/Mineo Wakita, Member of JAMSAT
Mail : je9pel@jamsat.or.jp
URL  : http://www.ne.jp/asahi/hamradio/je9pel/
QTH  : Yokohama Japan, GL:PM95TJ
Date : Jan 30, 2000