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RUDAK-U/SCOPE Joint Session in Japan (Nov. 9-10, 1996)

RUDAK-U/SCOPE Joint Session was held in Ichikawa near Tokyo Japan on Nov. 9-10th, 1996. Attended from RUDAK-U team was Lyle WA7GXD. We JAMSAT greatly appreciate his effort and devotion for the Phase-3D project as well as strong support for our SCOPE project.

Prior to his visit, one of the SCOPE Engineering Model accompanied by a suite of support software and PC-CANbus interface were delivered to the RUDAK-U team for verifying interconnectability between RUDAK-U and SCOPE. These units as well as other experimental modules will be communicating primary via CANbus and also via RS-485 serial link as backup.

Not much time is left for us to complete this RUDAK-U/SCOPE joint effort. Timing is really critical thus the schedule is ver tight. Photo by JR1ING/JAMSAT SCOPE Team

SCOPE Flight Model with Flight Optics waiting technical feedback from RUDAK-U team to finalize its boot ROM code. The unit has been tested in vacuum and planned to be tested in a temperature chamber in this week. Further vacuum test is also scheduled for the optics. This unit has been shipped and traveled from cities to cities (our way of Shock and Vibration test) for modification, debugging and testing. Photo by JR1ING/JAMSAT SCOPE Team

This image has been captured with the real flight model of SCOPE digital color imaging module to be flown with International AMSAT Phase-3D Amateur Satellite. At the end of two day long RUDAK-U/SCOPE joint session held at the QTH of JA2PKI on Nov. 10th, 1996. SCOPE Module operated by JM3MAJ/JAMSAT SCOPE Team

Other picturesFby JG2BVO/W
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