SCOPE Update

JAMSAT The Japan AMSAT Association

SCOPE Ad-Hoc Meeting (May 24-25, 1997)

The Japan AMSAT Association

The SCOPE project team met again and spent a night at the home of Tak Okamoto JA2PKI in Ichikawa near Tokyo during the weekend of May 24th, 1997.

The SCOPE flight model once traveled to Orland now returned back here for additional pre-flight testing, final adjutments and processes required for its flight. The unit works flawlessly except one problem. The meeting is intended to identify the cause of boot-up problem found on the RS485 serial port of Camera-B flight hardware and to prepare an updated Engineering Model and software tools to be provided to RUDAK-U team for supporting upcoming RUDAK-U/SCOPE communication test.

The meeting started on Saturday afternoon when Hiroyuki JM3MAJ brought a SCOPE EM and support tools from Kyoto and Yoshi JA6XKQ arrived with the SCOPE Flight Model and his daughter Sae. Miki JR1SWB also attended partly till late night.

The cause of boot problem was identified and corrected during the meeting. The SCOPE flight hardware is now working flawlessly and reliably, and both cameras in the module can be booted from either CAN bus or RS485 serial link individually, and can be operated individually or simultenuously.

During the meeting, the team decided to provide the RUDAK-U team with an updated engineering model that replaces previously delivered SCOPE EM. This ensures that the RUDAK-U will be talking to the SCOPE EM which is truely identical with the flight hardware.

SCOPE team thanks to Saeko Okamoto for serving us well and forgiving us to mess around the living room (again).

Text and photos by JA2PKI. Photos scanned by JG3XOD.