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The AMSAT News Service bulletins are a free, weekly news and
information service of AMSAT North America, The Radio
Amateur Satellite Corporation.  ANS publishes news related to Amateur
Radio in space including reports on the activities of a worldwide
group of Amateur Radio operators who share an active interest in
designing, building, launching and communicating through analog and
digital Amateur Radio satellites.

The news feed on http://amsat.org publishes news of Amateur Radio
in space as soon as our volunteers can post it.

Please send any amateur satellite news or reports to:
ans-editor at amsat dot org.

In this edition:

* AMSAT Activities at Hamvention 2019
* Tickets Still Available for TAPR/AMSAT Banquet
* ARRL Releases Mobile App for the Dayton Hamvention
* Going to Hamvention? Please Stop By and Say Thank You to Kenwood
  and the ARRL for ARISS Donations
* Work the AMSAT Hamvention Demo Station!
* Australia's ABC Commemorates 50th Anniversary of AO-5
* ARSATC 4th Birthday
* GNU Radio Conference 2019 Call for Papers and Presentations
* Changes to AMSAT-NA TLE Distribution for May 9, 2019
* How to Support AMSAT
* Upcoming Satellite Operations
* Satellite Shorts from All Over

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ANS-132 AMSAT News Service Weekly Bulletins

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 132.01
May 12, 2019
BID: $ANS-132.01


   AMSAT relies on your donations to Keep Amateur Radio in Space
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AMSAT Activities at Hamvention 2019

Maxim Hall (Building 1) - Booths 1007-1010 & 1107-1110

Stop by the AMSAT booth Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 9am-
1pm to meet board members, officers, and active satellite operators.
You’ll be able to ask questions and see demonstrations of AMSAT’s
current and upcoming technologies.

Additionally, there will be a special "OSCAR Park" display to
commemorate AMSAT's 50th Anniversary.

And don't miss the opportunity to renew your membership and purchase
special AMSAT 50th Anniversary t-shirts, golf shirts, and hats.

Amateur Satellite Demonstrations
Outside Main Entrance – Maxim Hall (Building 1)
Friday, Saturday, Sunday 16 – 19 May 2019, 08:00 – 16:30 EDT

Amateur Satellite operation demonstrations will be held outside the
main Maxim Hall (Building 1 or E1) entrance. Every day, AMSAT will be
demonstrating actual contacts with the operational amateur satellites.
We especially want to invite youth to make a contact via an amateur
satellite. All are invited to observe, participate and ask questions.
Satellite pass times will be posted at the AMSAT booth (1007-1010 &
1107-1110) and in the demo area.

Forum Room 3
Friday, 17 May 2019, 13:15 – 14:15 EDT

Out of this World Ham Radio via ARISS–Amateur Radio on the ISS
Moderators: Rosalie White, K1STO, ARISS Secretary & USA Delegate,
Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, AMSAT Vice President Human Space Flight

ARISS is one of the most unique and fun facets of our hobby. We
inspire generations of students and hams through our International
Space Station crew and radio connections. In this eye-opening forum,
learn about current and future lifelong learning opportunities for
hams—via SSTV, APRS, voice repeaters, radio experiments and even
robots! Hear how ARISS inspires, engages and educates tens of
thousands of students each year in STEAM (science, technology,
engineering arts and math) and radio science. See the next generation
hardware systems we have in development. Discover how to maximize your
opportunities to make ARISS connections and to hear the ISS crew
directly from your ham shack. And learn about our visionary initiative
to fly ham radio on the human space flight lunar Gateway. Come meet
the team that have enabled millions, worldwide, to experience the fun
of our amateur radio hobby.

The ARISS team will present an overview and status of the program and
then conduct a panel/Q&A session with ARISS panel experts in
operations, education, hardware, experimentation and exploration. We
also hope to have some surprise guests attending!

Forum Room 2
Saturday, 18 May 2019, 12:10 – 13:40 EDT

Moderated by Robert Bankston KE4AL, AMSAT Vice President–User Services

AMSAT Status Report – Joseph Spier, K6WAO, AMSAT President, will high-
light recent activities within AMSAT and discuss some of our
challenges, accomplishments, projects, and any late breaking news.

AMSAT Engineering – Jerry Buxton, N0JY, AMSAT Vice President–
Engineering, will talk about the Fox-1 and Golf (Greater Orbit, Larger
Footprint) Projects.

AMSAT Education – Alan Johnston, KU2Y, AMSAT Vice President–
Educational Relations will introduce the AMSAT CubeSat Simulator.

AMSAT User Services – Robert Bankston, KE4AL, AMSAT Vice President–
User Services, will discuss AMSAT’s 50th Anniversary Operating Event
and the new AMSAT Ambassadors Program.

AMSAT “Dinner at Tickets”
Tickets Pub & Eatery, Fairborn, OH
Thursday, 16 May 2019, 18:00 EDT

The annual AMSAT “Dinner at Tickets” party will be held Thursday
at 1800 EDT at Tickets Pub & Eatery at 7 W. Main St, Fairborn, OH.
Great selection of Greek and American food and great company! No
program or speaker, just good conversation. Food can be ordered from
the menu, drinks (beer, wine, sodas and iced tea) are available at the
bar. Leave room for dessert, there’s an in-house ice cream shop! Come
as you are. Bring some friends and have a great time the night before

[ANS thanks AMSAT for the above information.]


Tickets Still Available for TAPR/AMSAT Banquet

The twelfth annual TAPR/AMSAT Banquet will be held at the Kohler
Presidential Center on Friday at 18:30 EDT. This dinner is always a
highlight of the AMSAT (Radio Amateur Satellite Corp.) and TAPR
(Tucson Amateur Packet Radio) activities during the Dayton Hamvention.

Tickets ($40 each) may be purchased from the AMSAT store. The banquet
ticket purchase deadline is Tuesday, May 14th. Banquet tickets must be
purchased in advance and will not be sold at the AMSAT booth. There
will be no tickets to pick up at the AMSAT booth. Tickets purchased
on-line will be maintained on a list with check-in at the door at the
banquet center. Seating is limited to the number of meals reserved
with the Kohler caterers based on the number of tickets sold by the

The after-dinner speaker will be Dr. P. J. Erickson, W1PJE from the
MIT Haystack Observatory, who will give a presentation entitled “New
Frontiers in Human Understanding of Geospace: Radio Explorations of
Near-Earth Space from Top to Bottom Through Joint Amateur – Scientist

Link to purchase tickets:


[ANS thanks the AMSAT office for the above information.]


ARRL Releases Mobile App for the Dayton Hamvention

The ARRL has released a mobile app for Apple, Android, and Windows
devices to help users navigate this year’s Dayton Hamvention®, host
of the 2019 ARRL National Convention. The app will let attendees use
their personal smart phone or tablet to navigate the extensive Hamven-
tion program, prize drawings, activities, and exhibits.

The ARRL has posted the details at:

There is an introductory YouTube video at:

[ANS thanks the ARRL for the above information.]


Going to Hamvention? Please Stop By and Say Thank You to Kenwood and
the ARRL for ARISS Donations

If you are going to Hamvention next week, please stop by the Kenwood
and the American Radio Relay League booths and say thank you for both
organizations very generous donations to the ARISS Inter-Operable
Radio System (IORS).

The auction was completed at April 14th at 22:00 UTC. There were many
bidders hoping to garner a special astronaut signed brand new JVC
Kenwood TS-890S. There was similar bidding on a special astronaut
signed 6-volume boxed set 2019 ARRL Handbook.

Thanks to JVC Kenwood and ARRL, proceeds from the on-line auction
raised over $5400 to benefit ARISS in its quest to launch a new
custom-built higher-power radio system in late 2019 with its voice
repeater and improved packet APRS and SSTV capability that thousands
of hams can enjoy. The new system will replace the aging, problematic
units currently on the ISS.  ARISS also needs funding to keep intro-
ducing ham radio to thousands of students, teachers, parents, and
whole communities—and inspiring students about STEM and radio.

Kenwood has been a super supporter of ARISS for years, and it was the
company’s idea for this special radio to be an exclusive for one ham
to own. The limited edition boxed set 2019 ARRL Handbook sold out fast
last fall but ARRL saved back one set for ARISS's fund-raiser.  AMSAT
provided parts of the auction infrastructure.  ARISS and I are thank-
ful for all of its great sponsors and supporters!

Don't forget to stop by the AMSAT and ARISS booths in Building 1. See
you there!

[ANS thanks Joe Spier, K6WAO, AMSAT President for the above


             2019 marks AMSAT’s 50th Anniversary
              of Keeping Amateur Radio in Space.
           To help celebrate, we are sponsoring the
            AMSAT 50th Anniversary Awards Program.
                Full details are available at


Work the AMSAT Hamvention Demo Station!

As previously announced, AMSAT will have it's traditional presence
at Hamvention this year, including a satellite demo station. The
demo station will operate under the AMSAT club callsign W3ZM/8.

We intend to be on most passes of voice satellites between 12:00 UTC
and 20:30 UTC on Friday, May 17th and Saturday, May 18th and between
12:00 UTC and 16:00 UTC on Sunday, May 19th. Hamvention is located in
the six digit gridsquare EM89aq.

As a reward for working the AMSAT demo station, individuals working
us will receive a digital certificate upon request. Please email
n8hm at amsat.org with your QSO details to receive a certificate.

If you are attending Hamvention, please stop by the demo station
outside Building 1!

[ANS thanks Paul Stoetzer, N8HM, for the above information.]



          2018 Symposium Proceedings
           now $15 + Shipping on
      the AMSAT Store while supplies last.



Australia's ABC Radio Commemorates 50th Anniversary of AO-5

It was some 50 years ago, 1969 in June, that AMSAT's Perry Klein,
K3JTE reported in their newsletter that the Australis-Oscar A
satellite (the first AMSAT undertaking) had been delivered to
Goddard Space Center and was undergoing final tests.

Hams were advised to monitor W1AW for bulletins as the launch date

Move on 50 years from W1AW to our own ABC


Peter Wolfenden VK3RV, WIA Historian tellus that a book about
Space Junk, recently written by Australian Space Archaeologist,
Dr. Alice Gorman was reviewed and discussed in the ABC's radio
program "Conversations" last month.

The official definition of Space Junk is along the lines of:
"Something that does not now, or in the foreseeable future, have a

About half way through the 52 minute program, up popped "Australis
Oscar 5" and a conversation surrounding it, Australia's first
conceived, designed and built satellite.

Dr. Gorman and Fidler had "done their homework" about AO-5.

hey knew when and where it was built during the mid 1960's and the
fact that it was ready for launch in 1967.  Dr. Gorman suggested
that AO-5, still orbiting the Earth is part of Australia's space
heritage.  It 'could' be considered as space junk, but then she went
onto suggest that it does indeed have a "future foreseeable purpose",
for now it also has Cultural significance:

+ It represents Australia.
+ It was a Community Amateur Volunteer Project.
+ It was a useful project of co-operation world wide.
+ And it is not a big collision risk.

It is estimated between 23,000 and 29,000 bits of stuff larger than
10 cm and millions and millions of pieces smaller than 10 cm exist.

A very Queensland assessment of space junk weight was:
more than 8.4 million Cane Toads!

The Cane Toad Index is possibly quite appropriate as cane toads
are spreading out of control and effecting our Earthly environment,
not unlike unwanted space junk!

Keep an eye out in our journal AR Magazine for Peter, VK3RV's
very interesting read.

[ANS thanks VK1WIA News for May 9, 2019 for the above information.]

ARSATC 4th Birthday

ARSATC (Amateur Radio Satellite Community) is a group dedicated to
satellite amateur radio amateurs. We are a group focused on projects
and activities of satellite communication, linked to one of the
largest groups of DX in Brazil, CDR GROUP and also a project linked to
AMSAT-BR and partnerships with AMSAT-ID and AMSAT-NA. Your membership
in the group has no costs and is open to any amateur or person who has
an interest in participating in the activities developed.

ARSATC was founded on May 17, 2015 by amateurs:
• Gustavo Nicolau, PT9BM
• José Valdir de Lima, PW8PM
• Hermes S. Silveira, PQ2HX

ARSATC does not have its own headquarters, because it is a community
of amateurs spread all over the national and international territory,
as we have members from north to south of Brazil and even outside, we
did the programming together with the ARSTAC director team, where we
decided to distribute tasks to the members of the community.

In the southern region of Brazil (Curitiba), we will have our friend
and member Luciano (PY5LF), with SSTV broadcasts on the North American
satellite AO-91, which was granted to us on the weekends of May for
use of this purpose.

In the midwestern region (Paranaíba) Mato Grosso do Sul, we will have
the member and also president, Gustavo (PT9BM), transmitting SSTV on
the North American AO-91 satellite which was granted to us on the
weekends of May for use of this purpose, and activating several FM and
SSB satellites with a special ZV9ARSATC call, in addition to activity
with Scouts of the region.

In the north region (Ji-Paraná) Rondônia we have the member President
ARSATC Valdir (PW8PM) who will be giving lectures in municipal schools
and in IFRO, talking about the history of radio amateurism, about ARSATC
and Minister Marcos bridges, and not yet confirmed due to the avail-
ability of the site, a lecture given by PW8PM at the tele-
communications museum in Ji-Parana. Activation of the special ZV8AEB
call sign on several satellites, in honor of Minister Marcos Ponte

And finally the party continues on the weekends with the IO-86 Lapan,
satellite of Indonesia that through a partnership formed with ARSATC,
passes over the brazil connected to the Saturdays enabling contacts
from north to south of Brazil with amateurs, and for celebration to
the 4th Anniversary ARSATC had spent more time on Brazil especially in
May to enable contacts with Africa, thus establishing new records.

My phone for questions and suggestions:

+55 (69) 98478-3801
Jose Valdir de Lima (PW8PM)

[ANS thanks Jose Valdir de Lima, PW8PM, for the above information.]



  Purchase AMSAT Gear on our Zazzle storefront.
          25% of the purchase price of each product goes
            towards Keeping Amateur Radio in Space



GNU Radio Conference 2019 Call for Papers and Presentations

GNU Radio Conference celebrates and showcases the substantial and
remarkable progress of the world's best open source digital signal
processing framework for software-defined radios. In addition to
presenting GNU Radio's vibrant theoretical and practical presence
in academia, industry, the military, and among amateurs and hobby-
ists, GNU Radio Conference 2019 will have a very special focus.

Summer 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of NASA's Apollo 11 mission,
which landed the first humans on the Moon. GNU Radio Conference
selected Huntsville, AL, USA as the site for GNU Radio Conference
2019 in order to highlight and celebrate space exploration, astro-
nomical research, and communication.

Space communications are challenging and mission critical. Research
and development from space exploration has had and continues to have
far-reaching effect on our communications gear and protocols.

Please join us September 16-20, 2019 at the "Huntsville Marriott
at the Space & Rocket Center" hotel for the best technical confer-
ence of the year.

Registration and an online and mobile-friendly schedule will be
posted at the conference web site:

Call for All!

We invite developers and users from the GNU Radio Community to pre-
sent your projects, presentations, papers, posters, and problems at
GNU Radio Conference 2019. Submit your talks, demos, and code!
Please share this Call for All with anyone you think needs to read

To submit your content for the conference, visit our dedicated
conference submission site at:

First round closes 1 July 2019. If accepted, your content will be
immediately scheduled. Final round closes 1 September 2019. Space
permitting. Pun intended.

If you have questions or need assistance with OpenConf, or have
content that doesn't quite fit and you want to talk it over,
please write grcon @ gnuradio.org

Topics may include but are not limited to:
+ Space (including ground stations) with special focus awards
  given to all accepted work with Space as a topic
+ Amateur radio
+ Radio astronomy
+ Atmospheric research
+ Theoretical work
+ Practical applications
+ Aviation
+ Biomedical
+ Citizen Science
+ Digital Signal Processing
+ Education
+ Radio Interface
+ Machine Learning
+ Cognitive Radio
+ Transportation
+ Wireless security

[ANS thanks GRCon19 GNU Radio Conference 2019 for the above information]


Changes to AMSAT-NA TLE Distribution for May 9, 2019

The following amateur satellites have decayed and have been removed
from the AMSAT-NA TLE distribution:
PHOENIX - CAT ID 42706 (reentered 05-08-2019).
BIRD-J - CAT ID 42820 (reentered 05-03-2019).
BIRD-B - CAT ID 42823 (reentered 05-06-2019)

[ANS thanks Ray Hoad, WA5QGD, AMSAT Orbital Elements Manager for the
above information.]



    AMSAT and ARISS are currently supporting a FundRazr campaign
    to raise $150,000 for critical radio infrastructure upgrades
    on ISS. The upgrades are necessary to enable students to
    continue to talk to astronauts in space via Amateur Radio.
     We have reached a great milestone with $24,490 raised
    or about 16% towards our goal. This would not have been
         possible without your outstanding generosity!!

          For more information and to DONATE TODAY visit:




How to Support AMSAT

AMSAT relies on the support of our members and the amateur radio
community to Keep Amateur Radio in Space.

How can you help?

* Join AMSAT
 Both you and AMSAT will benefit when you join. You get the AMSAT
 Journal bimonthly and support from AMSAT Ambassadors. Member dues
 and donations provide AMSAT’s primary support.
 Join today at

* Become a Life Member
 Becoming a Life Member has never been easier. Now you can become a
 Life Member with 12 monthly payments of $74 through our online
 See https://www.amsat.org/product/lifetime-membership/ for details.

* Donate to AMSAT
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 Donate today at https://www.amsat.org/donate/

* Purchase AMSAT gear on our Zazzle storefront.
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 merchandise from our Zazzle storefront located at

* Volunteer for AMSAT
 AMSAT relies on volunteers for nearly all of our activities. If you
 have an idea for how to help, please let us know, Details on
 volunteering can be found at

[ANS thanks the AMSAT office for the above information.]


Upcoming Satellite Operations

+ FN13/FN14 Gridline – May 11-12, 2019
Michael, K2MTS will be in FN13/14 May 11-12, 2019, operating holiday
style.  Keep an eye on Michael’s Twitter feed
https://twitter.com/k2mts for specific pass announcements.

+ Pennsylvania (FN00) – May 13-15, 2019
Tanner, W9TWJ, will be back in FN00 May 13th-15th, if anyone still
needs it. Possible he will also do the 15th in EN90 again. FM evening
passes. Will look into FN01 to see if it’s possible. Watch Tanner’s
Twitter feed for pass details https://twitter.com/twjones85.

+ NE SD WY CO TX Roadtrip (DN81, DN83, DN74, DN71, DM77, DM95, DM85) –
May 18-28, 2019
Clayton, W5PFG is hitting the road and bringing his AMSAT gear with

May 18 DN91 (NE)
May 19-23 DN83 (SD)
May 23-24 DN74 (WY)
May 24-26 DN71 (WY)
May 26-27 DM77 (CO)
May 27-28 DM95/DM85 (TX).

All FM/SSB satellites, holiday-style. Open to schedules with EU.

Watch Twitter feed for more updates:

+ Pennsylvania (FN11,FN21) – May 19, 2019
Steve, NS3L, will activate the FN11/FN21 gridline mid-morning to
early afternoon of May 5th.  In addition, he might go to FN12 after-
ward. FM & SSB Linear birds. Note, fair weather trip only. If heavy
rain is forecast, he might postpone & reschedule. During the trip,
Steve will be beaconing on APRS NS3L-9.  See Steve’s Twitter feed for
further updates https://twitter.com/NS3L

+ Texas (EM13, EM22, EM23) – May 19-21, 2019
Ryan, AI6DO, has an upcoming business trip for fried pies and a sat-
ellite rove: Planning EM13 5/20 & 5/21, EM22/23 grid line 0000-0300
5/20 & 5/22 UTC (5/19 & 5/21 local). Probably FM & APRS only. Updates
via Twitter https://twitter.com/AI6DO

+ Point Pelee National Park, Canada (EN81, EN82) – May 25, 2019
KM4LAO, Ruth, will head north of the border to activate Point Pelee
National Park in Ontario EN81, Saturday, May 25th.  Ruth may also do a
pass or two from EN82 as time allows.  Plan is for FM and linear sat-
ellite passes, as well at QRP HF.  Call sign for this activation and
subsequent LoTW upload will be KM4LAO/VE3.  This will also be a CNPOTA
activation, so please upload your log to the CNPOTA website
https://cnpota.ca/.  Further announcements will be posted on Ruth’s
Twitter feed https://twitter.com/KM4Ruth as we get closer to the
activation date.

+ Memorial Day Weekend on the Queen Mary – May 25-27, 2019
Satellite operating will make a return to the RMS Queen Mary during
the upcoming Memorial Day weekend (25-27 May 2019), as part of the
“Memorial Day Salute to Service” by the Queen Mary. W6RO will be on
the satellites, as well as the HF bands, during these 3 days.

The Queen Mary will be honoring those who have served in the armed
forces, and in particular the Queen Mary’s use as a troopship during
World War II. The Queen Mary, along with other cruise ships, were
pressed into service to ferry Allied soldiers around the world. Along
with the other activities planned on the ship, some of which are
already listed on the Queen Mary’s web site at:

+ Pacific Northwest (CN85, CN83/CN84, CN76/CN86) – May 31 to June 2, 2019
Casey, KI7UNJ, will be on in CN83/84 Friday, May 31st, CN85 Saturday,
June 1st, and CN76/86 Sunday, June 2nd.  Pass list to come in next few

+ EM57/EM67 Line – June 4, 2019
Michael, N4DCW, will be at the EM57/67 line on June 4, 2019.  FM only.
Specific pass times to be posted to Michael’s Twitter feed and AMSAT-
BB as the day gets closer.  https://twitter.com/MWimages

+ #HomewardBoundRove (DN13, DN14, DN21, DN22, DN23) – June 14-18,2019
Casey, KI7UNJ, will be hitting a few grids on his way home.  Look for
DN13/DN14 line on June 14th, DN21/DN22 line June 15th, DN22 June 17th,
and DN23 June 18th.  FM only.  Pass times expected between 1700-
2000UTC.  Specific passes to be posted on Casey’s Twitter feed:

+ #JosephOrBustRove (DN04, DN05, DN15) – June 28-30, 2019
Casey, KI7UNJ, will be wandering around Eastern Oregon and decided to
do a little grid activating.  Look for Casey on FM passes in DN04 mid-
Friday, June 28th, in DN15 Friday night to Saturday evening, and DN05
Sunday morning.  Specific passes to be posted on Casey’s Twitter feed

+ Iceland (HP95 IP15 IP25 IP03 HP03) – July 13-19, 2019
Adam, K0FFY, is taking his family (and his radios) to Iceland.
Tentative schedule is HP95 July 13, IP13 and IP15 July 14-15, IP25
July 16, IP03 or HP93 July 17-18, and HP94 July 19.  There’s a lot to
see, so passes will be best effort and announced on Twitter shortly
prior.  https://twitter.com/K0FFY_Radio

Please submit any additions or corrections to ke4al (at) amsat.org

[ANS Thanks Robert Bankston, KE4AL, for the above information.]


Satellite Shorts from All Over

+ Four AMSAT CubeSat Simulators are ready for "launch" at Hamvention.
See them at the AMSAT Education table at the AMSAT booth next week!

The CubeSat Simulator runs on a digital transceiver board for the
Raspberry Pi designed by Jonathan Brandenburg. The Villanova CubeSat
Club has assembled six Digital Transceiver boards for the Raspberry Pi
and they will be available for a donation at the AMSAT Booth at
Hamvention. Designs are also available on Github at

[ANS thanks Alan Johnston, KU2Y, AMSAT Vice President for Educational
Relations for the above information.]

+ The weekly schedule for PO-101's FM repeater is generally posted
after ANS has been published each week. Check @Diwata2PH on Twitter
for schedule updates. https://twitter.com/Diwata2PH

[ANS thanks PHL-Microsat for the above information.]

+ Social media users are invited to register to attend the next SpaceX
Falcon Heavy rocket launch, carrying nearly two dozen satellites
to space from historic Launch Complex 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space
Center in Florida. Registration opens May 6 and closes at 12 p.m. EDT
on May 16.

Full NASA press release posted at:

Two amateur radio satellites are known to be manifest on this mission:

See http://aprs.org/psat2.html and http://aprs.org/bricsat-2.html for
further information

[ANS thanks NASA for the above information.]

+ ESA's 2019 Space Debris Environment Report is now online, providing
the latest facts and figures on the space junk surrounding our planet.
The report includes recommendations on the policy and regulatory
frameworks for space activities, the safety of space operations, rules
of engagement for international cooperation, capacity-building and
awareness, and scientific and technical research and development.

Read the entire document at: https://tinyurl.com/ANS-132-ESA

[ANS thanks ESA for the above information.]

+ The Super VHF Conference 2019 Proceedings CD is now available to be
ordered at:

[ANS Thanks W1GHZ via the Microwave List for the above information]

+ The Vintage News features story on LES-1 resuming transmissions
after 46 years.

[ANS thanks The Vintage News for the above information.]



In addition to regular membership, AMSAT offers membership in the
President's Club. Members of the President's Club, as sustaining
donors to AMSAT Project Funds, will be eligible to receive
additional benefits. Application forms are available from the
AMSAT office.

Primary and secondary school students are eligible for membership at
one-half the standard yearly rate. Post-secondary school students
enrolled in at least half time status shall be eligible for the
student rate for a maximum of six post-secondary years in this

Contact Martha at the AMSAT office for additional student
membership information.


This week's ANS Editor,

Paul Stoetzer, N8HM
n8hm at amsat dot org
Via the ANS mailing list courtesy of AMSAT-NA

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