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2018年 5月 20日 (日) 09:17:00 JST


The AMSAT News Service bulletins are a free, weekly news and
information service of AMSAT North America, The Radio Amateur
Satellite Corporation. ANS publishes news related to Amateur Radio in
Space including reports on the activities of a worldwide group of
Amateur Radio operators who share an active interest in designing,
building, launching and communicating through analog and digital
Amateur Radio satellites.

The news feed on http://www.amsat.org publishes news of Amateur Radio
in Space as soon as our volunteers can post it.

Please send any amateur satellite news or reports to:  ans-editor @ amsat.org.

*   AMSAT @ HAMVENTION May 18-20 - Booth (1007-1010 & 1107-1110)   *

In this edition:

* AMSAT Activities at Hamvention 2018
* Ready for Phase 5?
* CAMSAT amateur radio transponder satellites to launch this year
* Call for Nominations - AMSAT Board of Directors
* ARISS News
* Satellite Shorts From All Over

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ANS-140 AMSAT News Service Weekly Bulletins

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 140.01
May 20, 2018
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AMSAT Activities at Hamvention 2018

At deadline, Hamvention 2018 was nearly over.  If you are attending,
and have somehow put it off, the AMSAT booth (1007-1010 & 1107-1110)
will be open until noon local time on Sunday.  Well-dressed satellite
operators can still pick up the latest AMSAT fashions for 2018 as well
as other AM-swag.  The 2018 update of Gould Smith’s book, Getting
Started With Amateur Satellites will be available as well.

[ANS thanks the AMSAT Office for the above information]


Work the AMSAT Hamvention Demo Station!

Hamvention 2018 is almost over, but there is still time to work
W3ZM/8, the AMSAT Club Station.  Listen for the station on passes from
1200-1600 UTC Sunday, May 21st.  Hamvention is located in the six
character gridsquare EM89aq and if you are attending, the demo station
is outside Building 1.  As a reward for working the AMSAT demo
station, individuals working us will receive a digital certificate
upon request. Please email n8hm @ amsat.org with your QSO details to
receive a certificate.

[ANS thanks Paul N8HM for the above information]


Ready for Phase 5?

Phase 3 was the term coined for AMSAT's first high-earth orbit
satellites back in the late 1970s[1], Phases 1 and 2 being the prior
"bleepsats" and early transponder based LEO satellites (the very
successful AO-6, AO-7, and AO-8 among them).  Later, Phase 4 was
coined to indicate satellites in geosynchronous orbits and Phase 5 to
denote missions that would leave Earth's orbit.  While AMSAT-NA
doesn't currently have any Phase 5 missions planned, industrious
students at China's Harbin Institute of Technology not only have a
Lunar mission planned, but it is expected to launch on May 20 at 21:30

Ambitious is a good description of the mission:  not one, but two
47-kg microsats are expected to end up in an "HLO" -- a highly
elliptical Lunar orbit -- and will be carrying amateur radio payloads.
For more details and links to further information including a
Linux-based "live CD" for using these satellites, see AMSAT-UK's news
article here:


[ANS thanks AMSAT-UK for the above information]

[1] - AMSAT Newsletter, Vol VII, #2, June 1975, p3 - see


CAMSAT amateur radio transponder satellites to launch this year

CAMSAT has released details of three new amateur radio satellites,
CAS-5A, CAS-5B and CAS-6, that are hoped to launch in September 2018.
Two of the satellites CAS-5A and CAS-6 will carry transponders.

CAS-5A a 6U CubeSat which will include the following capabilities:

• HF/HF – H/T Mode Linear Transponder
• HF/UHF – H/U Mode Linear Transponder
• HF – CW Telemetry Beacon
• VHF/UHF – V/U Mode Linear Transponder
• VHF/UHF – V/U Mode FM Transponder
• UHF – CW Telemetry Beacon
• UHF – AX.25 4.8k/9.6k Baud GMSK Telemetry.

The transponders will have 30-kHz bandwidths except the H/U unit which
will be 15 kHz wide. Planning a launch in September 2018 from the
Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center into a 539 × 533 km, 97.5 degree
orbit. Details:

CAS-5B, a femto-satellite architecture (90 x 80 x 50 mm, 500 g mass)
with a proposed UHF CW beacon and to be deployed from CAS-5A when in
space.  Details:

CAS-6 a 50 kg micro satellite (490 x 499 x 430 mm). It will include:

• VHF CW Telemetry Beacon
• U/V Mode 20 kHz Linear Transponder
• AX.25 4.8k baud GMSK telemetry downlink
• Deployable Antennas
• Solar Panels, Lithium ion battery and power controller
• Integrated Housekeeping Unit
• Three-axis stabilization system
• Atmospheric Wind detector
• S-band TT&C system (non-amateur radio band)
• X-band Data link system (non-amateur radio band)

Planning a sea launch from the China Academy of Launch Vehicle
Technology in September 2018 into a 579 x 579 km, 45 degree orbit.
Details: http://www.amsatuk.me.uk/iaru/formal_detail.php?serialnum=622

[ANS thanks AMSAT-UK for the above information]


Call for Nominations - AMSAT Board of Directors

It's time to submit nominations for the upcoming AMSAT-NA Board of
Directors election. Three directors' terms expire this year: those of
Tom Clark, K3IO; Mark Hammond, N8MH; and Bruce Paige, KK5DO.  In
addition, up to two Alternates may be elected for one-year terms.

A valid nomination requires either one Member Society or five current
individual members in good standing to nominate an AMSAT-NA member for
Director.  Written nominations, consisting of the nominee's name and
call, and the nominating individuals' names, calls and individual
signatures should be mailed to:

10605 CONCORD ST STE 304
KENSINGTON MD 20895-2526

In addition to traditional submissions of written nominations, which
is the preferred method, the intent to nominate someone may be made by
electronic means. These include e-mail, fax, or electronic image of a
petition. Electronic petitions should be sent to martha @ amsat.org or
faxed to +1-301-822-4371.

No matter what means is used, petitions MUST arrive at the AMSAT-NA
office no later than June 15th.  If the nomination is a traditional
written nomination, no other action is required.  If electronic means
are used, a verifying traditional written petition MUST be received at
the AMSAT-NA office within 7 days following the close of nominations
on June 15th.


[ANS thanks the AMSAT Office for the above information]



Hamvention and ARISS Work Together

The Amateur Radio on the International Space Station team (ARISS) is
happy to announce that Hamvention and ARISS are working together again
this year.  Hamvention's 2018 theme is, "Amateur Radio ... Serving the
Community."  ARISS serves communities by inspiring great numbers of
youth to explore STEM and Amateur Radio.

ARISS is kicking off its 2018 fund-raising campaign at Hamvention to
raise money for the expensive space-rated parts needed to finish
building the required multiple units of the custom-built Multi-Voltage
Power Supply, and to help defray some costs of continuing ARISS
operations.  The power supply is part of the next-gen ARISS
Interoperable Radio System to replace the intermittent, aging ISS
amateur radio station.

ARISS Chair Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, said, "Having Hamvention partner with
ARISS really puts our 2018 funding campaign into gear."

Hamvention's support began with a post on the convention's front web
page. The posting discussed teaming up with ARISS, and announcing a
special ARISS prize drawing at the convention, and the need for hams
to contribute to ARISS right now by going to
http://www.ariss.org/donate.html, to
https://fundrazr.com/arissnextgen, or stopping at the ARISS Hamvention
booth on Sunday morning.

The double boost to ARISS by Hamvention is the featuring of the ARISS
Challenge Coin at a special drawing just minutes before the
convention's big prize drawings on the final day.  Thousands of people
will hear about the ARISS Challenge Coin and how ARISS inspires
students to engage in STEM studies and radio technology.

2018 Hamvention Prize Committee Chairman Bill Serra, N8NRT, wrote, "We
are happy to be able to make the ARISS Challenge Coin a very special
part of Sunday's prize awards."

ARISS donated two of its handsome coins positioned side by side in a
beautiful display, showing off each of the coin's sides.  This ARISS
Challenge Coin is the premium received by donors who give $100 or more

The ARISS team will welcome convention goers at the ARISS booth in
Building 1 through the weekend to donate and see a mock-up of the
Multi-Voltage Power Supply that ARISS will launch in the future. A
raffle is being held at the booth to win a coin - the owner of the
ticket pulled does not have to be present to win.  For those unable to
make the trip to Xenia, readers can donate any amount by going to

ARISS thanked everyone on the Hamvention staff whose personal efforts
are aiding ARISS in its fund-raising and publicity goals.

Rosalie White, K1STO, ARISS-US Delegate for ARRL, added: "We are so
pleased and proud to know that Hamvention believes in the ARISS team
and its goals of piquing the interest of young people and communities
in a quite unique 'wow way' for STEM and Amateur Radio."


Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) is a
cooperative venture of international amateur radio societies and the
space agencies that support the International Space Station (ISS). In
the United States, sponsors are the Radio Amateur Satellite
Corporation (AMSAT), the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), the
Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) and the
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).  The primary
goal of ARISS is to promote exploration of science, technology,
engineering, and mathematics (STEM) topics by organizing scheduled
contacts via amateur radio between crew members aboard the ISS and
students in classrooms or informal education venues.  With the help of
experienced amateur radio volunteers, ISS crews speak directly with
large audiences in a variety of public forums.  Before and during
these radio contacts, students, teachers, parents, and communities
learn about space, space technologies and amateur radio.

For more information, see www.ariss.org, www.amsat.org, and www.arrl.org.

To receive our Twitter updates, follow @ARISS_status

[ANS thanks ARISS & David AA4KN for the above information]


Satellite Shorts From All Over

+ The AMSAT-NA Office will be closed through Monday, May 21st.  The
office  will reopen on Tuesday, May 22nd

+ AMSAT HQ, @amsat, tweeted some images of the latest "Am-swag" at

+ Jeff, KE9V, @ke9v, tweeted some images of AMSAT activities at
Hamvention here: https://twitter.com/ke9v/status/997528369087631360

+ Burt, FJ8OJ, @fj8oj, has a list of upcoming satellite operations
here: https://sat.fg8oj.com/calendar.php (his website has other
information of interest to AMSAT members as well)

+ SpaceDaily.com published an article on May 15 which gives nice
mention to AMSAT, RadFxSat/Fox-1B: "What Happens After Launch: Two
NASA Educational CubeSats"  -     http://tinyurl.com/AMSAT-RadFX-Fox1B

[ANS thanks SpaceDaily.com for this item]

+ Get on the Satellites for Field Day!  Field Day is right around the corner!

Posted on the AMSAT website with the ARRL’s permission is an article
entitled “Get on the Satellites for ARRL Field Day” written by Sean
Kutzko, KX9X, and published in the June 2018 issue of QST. Read it at

As a reminder, AMSAT runs a Field Day event concurrently with ARRL
Field Day. For more information, please see

  [ANS thanks Paul N8HM for the above information.]

+ EL58: Wyatt, AC0RA, and Clayton, W5PFG, will be activating EL58 on
Satellite (FM and linear as W5PFG) between 0000 UTC May 26 and 1700
UTC May 27.  In addition to satellite, the team will be active on 6-m
SSB  and digital modes (FT8, MSK144) with a 5-el Yagi at 10 m height
and with 1 kW of power (as AC0RA).  Because they will operate from the
land portion of the grid, QSOs will count for Louisiana (WAS),
Plaquemines Parish (for County Hunters), and IOTA NA-168.  Skeds for
QSOs >6000 km from the grid are available by contacting
w5pfg @ arrl.org.

  [ANS thanks Wyatt, AC0RA, & Clayton, W5PFG for the above information.]

+ EL60: 6E5RM/XF3 Cozumel Island Special Event.  Members of the
Radioclub Cancun will be active as 6E5RM/XR3 celebrating the 2018
Rally Maya Mexico on May 23rd and 24th.  In addition to 6 m and HF
operations, satellite operations are planned.  Cozumel Island is IOTA
NA-090. QSL via XE3N.

  [ANS thanks Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin & dxnews.com for this information]



In addition to regular membership, AMSAT offers membership in the
President's Club. Members of the President's Club, as sustaining
donors to AMSAT Project Funds, will be eligible to receive additional
benefits. Application forms are available from the AMSAT Office.

Primary and secondary school students are eligible for membership at
one-half the standard yearly rate. Post-secondary school students
enrolled in at least half time status shall be eligible for the
student rate for a maximum of 6 post-secondary years in this status.
Contact Martha at the AMSAT Office for additional student membership


This week's ANS Editor,
Peter Laws, N5UWY
n5uwy @ amsat.org
Via the ANS mailing list courtesy of AMSAT-NA

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