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2018年 3月 3日 (土) 12:22:12 JST

AMSAT News Service Special Bulletin

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ANS-061 GOLF-TEE and GOLF-1 Selected for NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 061.01
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On March 2, 2018, NASA announced the ninth round of selections for the
CubeSat Launch Initiative (CSLI). The first two AMSAT GOLF CubeSats,
GOLF-TEE and GOLF-1, were among the 21 missions recommended for

AMSAT must negotiate and execute a Cooperative Research and
Development Agreement (CRADA) with NASA for each project to finalize
selection. NASA anticipates a sufficient number of launch
opportunities but does not guarantee that all recommended payloads
will be launched.

GOLF-TEE (Technology Evaluation Environment) will serve as a rapidly
deployable Low Earth Orbit (LEO) testbed for technologies necessary
for a successful CubeSat mission to a wide variety of orbits.

AMSAT Vice-President Engineering Jerry Buxton, N0JY, said “The
GOLF-TEE project tees off the next phase of our CubeSat program.
GOLF-TEE provides AMSAT hardware and knowledge for Attitude
Determination and Control (ADAC) capability and the opportunity to
develop a 3U spaceframe with deployable solar panels that can be used
in LEO or HEO missions, two of the major systems required in future
GOLF and HEO missions.” Ragnarok Industries developed the attitude
control system for the Lunar Heimdallr 6U CubeSat, a NASA Cube Quest
Challenge finalist.

GOLF-TEE provides the opportunity for rapid deployment and on orbit
testing of the AMSAT’s Advanced Satellite Communications and
Exploration of New Technology (ASCENT) program’s technology, including
radiation tolerant transponder and Integrated Housekeeping Unit (IHU)
technologies that will lead the way for low cost commercial
off-the-shelf (COTS) systems that can function in the MEO and HEO
radiation environments. GOLF-TEE will also carry a Fox-1E design V/u
linear transponder and RadFx (Radiation Effects) experiment for
Vanderbilt University.

GOLF-TEE and the GOLF program will provide for the development of
“Five and Dime” Field-Programmable Gate Array Software Defined Radio
(FPGA SDR) transponders for use on a variety of missions and orbits.

The target date for launch of GOLF-TEE is 4Q 2019.

GOLF-1 will serve as a follow-on mission, also to LEO. Launch is
targeted for 2020-2021.

GOLF-1 will require a de-orbiting plan that is in compliance with
NASA's NPR 8715.6 NASA Procedural Requirements for Limiting Orbital
Debris in order to be manifested on a launch, due to the high altitude
AMSAT has requested.

Please consider a donation to the AMSAT GOLF program for development,
construction, and testing of the GOLF-TEE and GOLF-1 CubeSats. Donate
Checks may be mailed to AMSAT, 10605 Concord St. #304, Kensington, MD

[ANS thanks Paul, N8HM, for the above information]


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