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The AMSAT News Service bulletins are a free, weekly news and infor-
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In this edition:

* Z-Sat Frequency Coordination Submitted to IARU
* Handy Fox 1D Links
* Upcoming ARISS Contact Schedule as of 2018-01-12
* Nova Maker Faire
* AMSAT North America has issued a statement formally designating
  Fox-1D as AO-92
* AMSAT Office Closed Monday January 15
* Satellite Shorts From All Over

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ANS-014.01 AMSAT News Service Weekly Bulletins

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 309.01
November 5, 2017
BID: $ANS-014.01

Z-Sat Frequency Coordination Submitted to IARU

AMSAT-UK reported that the IARU has received a frequency coordination
request from the Komaki Amateur Radio SATCOM Club in Japan for Z-Sat
50kg microsat with two missions:

(1) Mission: BBS service Exchanging messages between amateurs
    all over the world in amateur service. Any amateur can use
the space station like a BBS by uploading and downloading
messages. The specific steps includes: An amateur radio
station transmits messages to the space station for indiv-
idual/public and these messages are stored in the space
station. Another amateur radio station transmits a specific
message to the space station and the space station transmits
a reply message whether any message to him exists or not.
If exists, the amateur radio station can receive the message
by transmitting a specific message to the space station.
Frequency band: - UPLINK : 435-438 MHz
                    DOWNLINK : 145-146 MHz
(Note: The usage of the BBS is shown in the following URL.
same as ChubuSat-2 except frequencies
(2) Mission: The Earth observation Imaging particular site with
    the infrared camera.
Frequency band: - UPLINK : S-band - DOWNLINK : S-band
No launch defined but planning a sun synchronous LEO.

[ANS thanks AMSAT-UK and the IARU for the above information]

Handy Fox 1D Links

Fox-1D Launch Live Blog

Fox Telemetry Leaderboard (With links to FoxTelem)

AMSAT Live OSCAR Satellite Status Page (Report Fox-1D reception here)

Getting Ready for Fox-1D PDF

Updates will be found on AMSAT's Twitter
account (@AMSAT). Note that you do not need to be a Twitter user to
view AMSAT's tweets.

The latest Keps can be found in AMSAT's Keps distribution.
Any tracking software using the AMSAT Keps distribution should
identify new object "99934" after refreshing your Keps.

[ANS would like to thank Paul Stoetzer, N8HM for the above


Upcoming ARISS Contact Schedule as of 2018-01-12

Quick list of scheduled contacts and  events:

Prva srednja informaticka škola, Zagreb, Croatia,  telebridge via
The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be  NA1SS
The scheduled astronaut is Scott Tingle KG5NZA
Contact is a go for:  Thu 2018-01-18 08:46:52 UTC 34  deg

ARISS  is always glad to receive listener reports for the above
ARISS  thanks everyone in advance for their assistance.  Feel free
to send
your  reports to aj9n @ amsat.org or aj9n @ aol.com.

Listen for the ISS on  the downlink of 145.8Ø  MHz.

All  ARISS contacts are made via the Kenwood radio unless otherwise

Several  of you have sent me emails asking about the RAC ARISS
website and
not being  able to get in.  That has now been changed to

Note that there are links to other ARISS  websites from this  site.

Looking  for something new to do?  How about receiving DATV from the

If interested, then please go to the ARISS-EU website for  complete
details.  Look for the buttons indicating Ham  Video.


If you need some  assistance, ARISS mentor Kerry N6IZW, might be
able to
provide some  insight.  Contact Kerry at  kbanke @ sbcglobal.net
ARISS  congratulations the following mentors who have now mentored
over 100


Francesco IKØWGF with 132
Satoshi 7M3TJZ with  127
Gaston ON4WF with 123
Sergey RV3DR with  100

The  webpages listed below were all reviewed for accuracy.  Out of
webpages were removed and new ones have been added.  If there are
ARISS websites I need to know about, please let me  know.

Note, all times are approximate.  It is recommended that you  do
your own
orbital prediction or start listening about 10 minutes before  the
All dates and times listed follow International  Standard ISO 8601
date and
time format  YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS

The  complete schedule page has been updated as of 2018-01-12 00:00
Here you will find a listing of all scheduled school contacts, and
questions, other ISS related websites, IRLP and Echolink websites, and
instructions for any contact that may be streamed live.


Total  number of ARISS ISS to earth school events is 1201.
Each school counts as 1  event.
Total number of ARISS ISS to earth school contacts is 1150.
Each  contact may have multiple schools sharing the same time slot.
Total number of  ARISS supported terrestrial contacts is 47.

A complete year by year  breakdown of the contacts may be found in the

Please  feel free to contact me if more detailed statistics are

The  following US states and entities have never had an ARISS contact:
Arkansas,  Delaware, South Dakota, Wyoming, American Samoa, Guam,
Marianas  Islands, and the Virgin  Islands.

QSL  information may be found at:


The  successful school list has been updated as of 2018-01-04 09:00


Frequency   chart for packet, voice, and crossband repeater modes
Doppler   correction  as of 2005-07-29 04:00  UTC

Listing  of ARISS related magazine articles as of 2006-07-10 03:30

Check  out the Zoho reports of the ARISS  contacts


Exp.  53 on orbit
Mark Vande Hei KG5GNP
Alexander Misurkin
Joe Acaba  KE5DAR

Exp. 54 on orbit
Scott Tingle KG5NZA
Norishige  Kanai
Alexander  Skvortsov

[ANS would like to thank Charlie Sufana, AJ9N for the above


Nova Maker Faire is coming up March 18th. This year, the venue will
be the
GMU campus. Attendance last year was over 4000.

Last year's AMSAT presence at the faire was a big hit. I hope you
guys can
exhibit again.

The organizers would like a placeholder application filled in by Jan
Let me know if you need help with registering.


[ANS would like to thank AMSAT.org Office (Martha) for the above


Fox-1D was successfully launched at 03:59 UTC on the PSLV-C40 mission
from Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, India. UA9UIZ received
and uploaded the first telemetry to AMSAT servers at 05:28 UTC.
Initial telemetry values appear nominal.

The first set of post-launch Keplerian elements are reproduced below:

1 99934U 1801D    18012.18036412  .00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0    15
2 99934  97.6514  74.0671 0008545 308.1824 275.3575 15.22876478    16

[ANS would like to thank Paul Stoetzer, N8HM for the above


AMSAT North America has issued a statement formally designating
Fox-1D as AO-92:

Fox-1D, a 1U CubeSat, is the third of AMSAT's five Fox-1 CubeSats
to reach orbit, being preceded by AO-85 (Fox-1A) and AO-91 (RadFxSat/
Fox-1B). Fox-1D carries the Fox-1 U/v FM transponder, with an uplink
of 435.350 MHz (67.0 Hz CTCSS) and a downlink of 145.880 MHz. In addi-
tion, Fox-1D carries several university experiments, including a MEMS
gyro from Pennsylvania State University-Erie, a camera from Virginia
Tech, and the University of Iowa's HERCI (High Energy Radiation Cube-
Sat Instrument) radiation mapping experiment. Fox-1D also carries
the AMSAT L-Band Downshifter experiment which enables the FM trans-
ponder to be switched to utilize an uplink of 1267.350 MHz (67.0 Hz

Fox-1D was sent aloft as a secondary payload on the Indian Space
Research Organisation (ISRO)'s PSLV-XL rocket as part of the PSLV-C40
mission. Fox-1D was one of thirty-one satellites successfully deploy-
ed on this launch.

Since Fox-1D has met all of the qualifications necessary to receive
an OSCAR number, I, by the authority vested in me by the AMSAT
do hereby confer on this satellite the designation AMSAT-OSCAR 92 or
AO-92. I join amateur radio operators in the U.S. and around the
in wishing AO-92 a long and successful life in both its amateur and
scientific missions.

I, along with the rest of the amateur community, congratulate all
of the volunteers who worked so diligently to construct, test and
prepare for launch the newest amateur radio satellite.

William A. (Bill) Tynan, W3XO
AMSAT-NA OSCAR Number Administrator

[ANS would like to thank JoAnne, K9JKM for the above


AMSAT Office Closed Monday January 15

The AMSAT Office will be closed on Monday, January 15th in
observance of
Martin Luther King Jr Day.

[ANS would like to thank AMSAT.ORG (Martha) for the above


Satellite Shorts From All Over

+ ARRL is picking up on Fox-1D news.

[ANS Joanne K9JKM, for the above information]


+ AMSAT's next Fox-1 satellite, Fox-1D, is scheduled for launch on
January 12, 2018 from Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota,
Fox-1D will launch as part of the PSLV-C40 mission on board a Polar
Satellite Launch Vehicle with Cartosat, an imaging satellite for the
Indian government, and 30 other payloads."

[ANS Jerry Buxton, N0JY for the above information]


+ KK5DO reports we just issued Rover Award #005 to KG5GJT. Congrats
and keep on roving. Find details of the AMSAT Rover Award at:

[ANS Joanne K9JKM, for the above information]



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