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The AMSAT News Service bulletins are a free, weekly news and infor-
mation service of AMSAT North America, The Radio Amateur Satellite
Corporation. ANS publishes news related to Amateur Radio in Space
including reports on the activities of a worldwide group of Amateur
Radio operators who share an active interest in designing, building,
launching and communicating through analog and digital Amateur Radio

The news feed on http://www.amsat.org publishes news of Amateur
Radio in Space as soon as our volunteers can post it.

Please send any amateur satellite news or reports to:
ans-editor at amsat.org.

In this edition:

* 2017 AMSAT Board of Directors Election Results
* 2017 AMSAT-NA Space Symposium Preliminary Schedule Announced
* Second call for papers for 2017 AMSAT Annual Meeting and Space Symposium
* 15th Annual CubeSat Developer's Workshop Announcement
* Two Radio Amateurs are Among Three New ISS Crew Members
* AMSAT Awards Update

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ANS-260 AMSAT News Service Weekly Bulletins

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 260.01
DATE September 17, 2017
BID: $ANS-260.01

2017 AMSAT Board of Directors Election Results

As a result of the 2017 Board of Directors Election, Drew Glasbrenner,
KO4MA; Jerry Buxton, N0JY; Paul Stoetzer, N8HM; and Clayton Coleman,
W5PFG; will serve on the board for two years.

The Alternate is Peter Portanova, W2JV. He will serve for a term of one 

The results of the voting with 695 ballots cast are as follows:

Drew Glasbrenner, KO4MA............626
Jerry Buxton, N0JY.................610
Paul Stoetzer, N8HM................509
Clayton Coleman, W5PFG.............503
Peter Portanova, W2JV..............382

Submitted by:
Martha Saragovitz, Manager
Paul Stoetzer, Secretary

[ANS thanks Martha Saragovitz, and Paul Stoetzer, N8HM for the above


2017 AMSAT-NA Space Symposium Preliminary Schedule Announced

The 2017 AMSAT Space Symposium will be held Friday, Saturday, and
Sunday, Oct 27-29 in Reno.  A preliminary version of the schedule has
just been posted at https://www.amsat.org/symposium-schedule/

The schedule includes the Annual Meeting which is a report to the
membership by the President and Senior Officers and includes a
question and answer session where members may ask senior officers
and BoD members questions.

[ANS thanks the 2017 AMSAT-NA Symposium Committee for the above 


Second call for papers for 2017 AMSAT Annual Meeting and Space Symposium

This is the second call for papers for the 2017 AMSAT Annual Meeting and
Space Symposium to be held on the weekend of October 27, 28, 29, 2017 at the
Silver Legacy Resort, Reno, Nevada. Proposals for papers, symposium
presentations and poster presentations are invited on any topic of 
interest to
the amateur satellite community. We request a tentative title of your
presentation as soon as possible, with final copy to be submitted by 
October 6
for inclusion in the printed proceedings. Abstracts and papers should be 
to Dan Schultz N8FGV at n8fgv at amsat.org

[ANS thanks Dan, N8FGV, for the above information]


15th Annual CubeSat Developer's Workshop Announcement

Greetings CubeSat Community!

We are happy to announce that the 15th Annual CubeSat
Developer's Workshop will take place from April 30th
to May 2nd, 2018 at the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Performing Arts Center!

We are hard at work making sure next year's workshop
is the best one yet!

Not only have we streamlined sponsorship opportunities
but we have added thousands of square feet of exhibition
space including the all new Founder's Room-a beautiful
24' x 24' business casual lounge.

To stay up to date on all the changes to come, join our
mailing list: http://www.cubesat.org/mailinglist/

To see pictures from this year's workshop and dinner banquet,
or to view sponsorship and exhibition information, visit:

To inquire about purchasing a sponsorship or exhibition booth
email us at cubesat-workshop @ calpoly.edu.

To submit an abstract, navigate to the abstract submission
form:  http://www.cubesat.org/workshop-abstract/

The deadline for abstract submission is November 3rd.

[ANS thanks The CubeSat Team for the above information]


Two Radio Amateurs are Among Three New ISS Crew Members

After a 6-hour flight, astronauts Mark Vande Hei, KG5GNP, and Joe Acaba, 
and cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin arrived at the International Space 
Station on
September 12. The trio launched aboard the Soyuz MS-06 spacecraft from
Kazakhstan, orbited Earth four times, and then docked at the space 
station. The
hatches between the spacecraft and station opened early on September 13.

The arrival of Vande Hei, Acaba, and Misurkin restores the station's crew to
six. They join Expedition 53 Commander Randy Bresnik, and Flight Engineers
Sergey Ryazanskiy and Paolo Nespoli, IZ0JPA, on station.

The new Expedition 53/54 crew members will spend more than 4 months 
aboard the
ISS, conducting approximately 250 science investigations in fields such as
biology, Earth science, human research, physical sciences and technology

Once they've settled in, Acaba and Vande Hei are expected to average one 
or two
— and possibly as many as four — Amateur Radio on the International Space
Station (ARISS) contacts a week. That rate will drop when Nespoli leaves in
December with Bresnik and Ryazanskiy. Vande Hei, Acaba, and Misurkin are 
to return in February.

[ANS thanks ARRL for the above information]


AMSAT Awards Update

AMSAT Satellite Communicators Award for making their first satellite QSO
Rafael Martinez, HI8KV
Donald Solberg, K9AQ
Frank Krizan, KR1ZAN
Wyatt Law, AI6V
Michal Kwieciak, SP3DBM
Jonathan Zlystra, KL2DN


AMSAT Communications Achievement Award
Rafael Martinez, HI8KW, #578


AMSAT Century Club Award
Clayton Coleman, W5PFG, #52


South Africa Satellite Communications Achievement Award
Rafael Martinez, HI8KW, #US205


AMSAT Robert W. Barbee Jr., W4AMI Award
Branko Martincic, 9A3ST upgrade to 4,000
Frank Westphal, K6FW upgrade to 3,000
Joseph Murphy, EI5EV 2,000 #91
Matthew Stevens, KK4FEM 1,000 #92


AMSAT Robert W. Barbee Jr., W4AMI 5,000 Award
Branko Martincic, 9A3ST, #34


To see all the awards visit http://www.amsat.org or

[ANS thanks Bruce, KK5DO, for the above information]


In addition to regular membership, AMSAT offers membership in the
President's Club. Members of the President's Club, as sustaining
donors to AMSAT Project Funds, will be eligible to receive addi-
tional benefits. Application forms are available from the AMSAT

Primary and secondary school students are eligible for membership
at one-half the standard yearly rate. Post-secondary school students
enrolled in at least half time status shall be eligible for the stu-
dent rate for a maximum of 6 post-secondary years in this status.
Contact Martha at the AMSAT Office for additional student membership

This week's ANS Editor,
Lee McLamb, KT4TZ
kt4tz at amsat dot org

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