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2020年 9月 26日 (土) 08:51:48 JST



 今日、16:00からAMSAT-DL Symposiumが開催されます。







 上田 JA0FKM/1


here are some additional details on the AMSAT-DL Online Symposium 2020 and Virtual QO-100 Usermeeting

The AMSAT-DL Symposium will start at 09:00 CEST (0700z) and will be followed by the QO-100 virtual user meeting starting at at 17:20 CEST (1520z) on the narrow band transponder. 

You are invited to ask questions during the Symposium and announce your participation for the Usermeeting via WB tpx chat on [1] (please set you nick Name with "/nick N0CALL" to your callsign) or via the YouTube chat on [2]. Please note that you need a registered Youtube account to be able to enter your questions in the chat window of Youtube. This is not related to our streaming but a general requirement.

We will stream the Symposium on the wideband transponder of QO-100 with the following parameters:

Callsign DK0SB

Frequency 10494 MHz

Symbolrate 2Msps

Modulation QPSK

During the Symposium we will address the questions after each presentation to the presenters (we may not be able to ask all questions as we are limited in time).

With respect to the Usermeeting we will collect all the pre-registrations and call you one by one on the narrowband transponder at 10489.830 MHz using the callsign DK0SB. As soon as the list is processed, we will go split and listen approx. 10 up for any other users.

[1]: https://eshail.batc.org.uk/wb/chat

[2]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNRahMn2dYE

Kind regards


www.dd1us.de <http://www.dd1us.de> 



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