[jamsat-bb:19671] AMSAT-DL Online Symposium 26/Sep/2020

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2020年 9月 16日 (水) 10:10:29 JST


 AMSAT-NAのAMSAT-NA Symposium が予定されていますが、
 AMSAT-DLも 9月26日の 16:00 JST(この予定に+7時間がJSTでは)から英語で行われます。
 〇私が面白そうなのは 10:35(17:35 )のPlutoでQO-100 control station in Bochum、
 〇その次のPortable station for QO-100 based on the modules of AMSAT-DL
 これに先立って、9月19日のJAMSAT WEB MeetingにMatthias DD1US
 また、まだ19日の参加を申し込まれていない方は ja0fkm @ gmail.com

上田まで お名前、コールなど をお送りください。URL送ります。
  上田 JA0FKM/1
 PS JAMSAT WEB Meetingは日本語です。(マティアスさんとどうやって話をするかは、、悩んでます。)
Enclosed is the preliminary schedule for September 26th 2020 (all times in CEST=UTC+2):

Start	Topic	Who
09:00	Welcome, Introduction, Agenda	Matthias DD1US
09:10	Interview with the AMSAT-DL Board of Directors: 
Peter DB2OS (Chairman), Michael DD5ER, Thilo DJ5YM	Matthias DD1US
09:45	Introduction to Bochum Observatory and its Ham Radio activities	Thilo DJ5YM
10:10	The AMSAT-DL LunART project proposal to ESA	Peter DB2OS
10:35	The ADALM Pluto as part of the AMSAT-DL QO-100 control station in Bochum	Mario DL5MLO
11:10	Portable station for QO-100 based on the modules of AMSAT-DL	Matthias DD1US
12:00	Lunch break	
12:45	QO-100 DX-pedition to Namibia/South Africa/Botswana	Charly DK3ZL
13:45	Digital Narrowband Operation via QO-100	Florian DF2ET
14:20	School contacts via QO-100 with DP0GVN in  Antarctica	Heiner DD0KP
14:55	Update of ARISS and AREx activities	Oliver DG6BCE
15:45	Coffee break	
16:00	Reception of the recently launched probes to Mars	Daniel EA4GPZ, Paul M0EYT, Achim DH2VA
16:50	Final interview with the AMSAT-DL BOD and conclusions: 
Peter DB2OS (Chairman), Michael DD5ER, Thilo DJ5YM	Matthias DD1US
17:10	Introduction to the virtual QO-100 user meeting	Matthias DD1US
17:20	Virtual QO-100 user meeting via the QO-100 NB transponder	Florian DF2ET
17:50	Closing of the symposium and virtual QO-100 user meeting	Matthias DD1US

Due to the international audience, most of the lectures will be held in English. The current schedule can be found on the AMSAT-DL homepage at https://amsat-dl.org.

We would like to invite you all, also on behalf of the AMSAT-DL board, to this year's AMSAT-DL online conference and the virtual QO-100 user meeting.

Jens DH6BB, Lenz DL8RDL, Florian DF2ET and Matthias DD1US

Please send any queries to dd1us @ amsat.org

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