[jamsat-bb:19665] AMSAT-UK Colloquium が10月11日(日)にオンラインで開催

Mikio_Mouri JBH02173 @ nifty.com
2020年 9月 13日 (日) 08:12:03 JST

とになりました。AMSAT-UK YouTube channel で配信されます。


10月11日(日)10:00UTCスタート 深夜にかかりますが、ぜひ参加・視聴してみて下さい。
JA3GEP 毛利幹生 JAMSAT-Newsletter Editor

---------- UTC-----変更の可能性あり-------
0930Webinarweb site open.
1000 Official opening by G3YJO.
1005-1125 Ciaran Morgan M0XTD –ARISS Update
1025 –1035 QandA followed by short break and 1st raffle draw
1035 –1100 Daniel Estévez EA4GPZ-Decoding Mars spacecraft -Bit and 
pieces you can learn from spacecraft telemetry
1100 –1110 QandA followed by short break and 2nd raffle draw
1110 –1130 David Greenberg 4X1DG(Tevel constellation)
1130 –1140 QandA followed by short break and 3nd raffle draw
1140-1200 Peter Guelzow DB2OS –"LUNART" -A Lunar Amateur Radio 
Transponder Project
1200-1210 QandA followed by short break and 4th raffle draw
1210-1300 Lunch break.
1300-1320 Phil Ashby-FUNcube next, to boldly go... creating an open 
platform in space.
1320 –1330 QandA followed by short break and 5th raffle draw
1330-1350 Mike Willis G0MJW-QO-100 Demonstration
1350 –1400 QandA followed by shortreak and 6th raffle draw
1400-1420 Matt Crosby -Getting Goonhilly’s 32m antenna ready to support 
ESA missions
1420-1430 QandA followed by short break and 7th raffle draw
1430-1450 Jerry Buxton N0JY -AMSAT North America Engineering Update
1450-1500 QandA followed by short break and 8th raffle draw
1500 –1520 Drew Glasbrenner KO4MA -LEO Sat demonstration
1520-1530 QandA1630-1635 Close of Colloquium, incl announcement of G3AAJ 
Trophy –G3YJO
1535 –1700 Intermission.
1700 Onwards Informal session. Possibly including more FUNcube/QO-100 demo.

We are very grateful to our speakers for contributing to our Colloquium!

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