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V Band Transmitter

Fabrication Responsibility:
Mike Dorsett, G6GEJ (GB)
Heat Sink 270x200
Average Power Dissipation:
102 Watts (avg. when on)


The module is losely based on the muTek TVVF 144a 2m transverter, with the IF modified for 10.7 MHz and an extra High power amplifier fitted to the output end. The RF power stages are all based on MOS fet designs and the output device has been donated by Philips semiconductors(U.K.). The module has been designed in conjunction with Dr Karl Meinzer (DJ4ZC) at Marburg. The module has been sponsord by AmSat U.K.. muTek ltd have provided the bench space & test equipment for the project, as well as the permision to develop the design for this aplication.
Last updated: Jan 3, 1996
by Ralf Zimmermann, DL1FDT