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L Band Receiver

Fabrication Responsibility:
Mirek Kasal, OK2AQK
Average Power Dissipation:
1 Watt


According to the P3D satellite general design, two on-board receivers have been developed for the uplink on the L-band. The first one with the central frequency 1268.450 MHz and the second one with the central frequency 1269.375 MHz. The bandwidth of the analog passband is about 250 kHz. Because the high-gain (SBF) and the omni antennas will be applied, the two LNAs directly connected to the antennas are used for low noise temperature achievement. The LNA's output signals are coming into the power divider through the PIN diode switch. Divided signals are coming into doubleconversion receiver modules. Each receiver has three signal outputs - IF matrix, CMD unit and RUDAK unit as well as two telemetry outputs - AGC and TEMP.


P3D L-band receivers arrangement

Top view of the hardware

Bottom view of the hardware

Last updated: Jan 16, 1996
by Ralf Zimmermann, DL1FDT