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The Liquid Ignition Unit (LIU)

Fabrication Responsibility:
Lou McFadin, W5DID
Average Power Dissipation:
1 Watt (when on)


The Liquid Ignition Unit (LIU), the electronics module that supports the motor ignition and burn sequence is also mounted in Equipment Bay 1. This unit, responding to commands from the Integrated Housekeeping Unit (IHU), initiates the firing sequence by opening and pulsing the Helium isolation valves, control pressure in the propellant tanks, and open the motor valves. The sequence requires validation of coded firing commands, clocking, the commanded motor burn time and safeing the system at the end of burn. Experience with OSCAR 13 has demonstrated the full capability of the 400 N system to support the multiple burns necessary to place the Phase 3D spacecraft in its final orbit.
Last updated: May 3, 1996
by Ralf Zimmermann, DL1FDT