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Input/Output Module (I/O)

Fabrication Responsibility:
Lyle Johnson, WA7GXD (USA)
Chuck Green, N0ADI (USA)
Extension 200x270
Average Power Dissipation:
1 Watt


The Phase 3D spacecraft is very complex and requires considerably more Input/Output (I/O) capacity than can be conveniently provided by the IHU's 1802 processor. Previous Phase 3 spacecraft used an analog multiplexer to provide 24 temperature inputs, 24 voltage measurement points and 12 current measurement points. The Phase 3D multiplexer provides In addition, numerous 8-bit and 16-bit digital output ports are latched and/or decoded by the I/O module.

Like the IHU, the I/O Module is designed using flight-proven 4000-series CMOS logic operating at 10 volts, as well as bipolar op-amps and comparators. The basis of the circuitry uses legacy designs by DJ4ZC.

Last updated: Feb 4, 1996
by Ralf Zimmermann, DL1FDT