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The Ariane 5 Launcher

The Phase 3-D spacecraft will be launched with a Ariane 5 rocket. The launch will be at Kourou, French Guayana.

The Ariane-5 launch vehicle consists of two stages.


Total Height  51,6 m

First Stage

Fuel          155 t
Thrust        1070 kN
Burning Time  615 secs
Length        30 m
Diameter      5,4 m
Total Mass    167 t


Fuel          2 x 230 t (Solid Fuel)
Thrust        2 x 7500 kN
Burning Time  125 secs
Length        31 m
Diameter      3 m
Total Mass    2 x 265 t

Second Stage

Fuel          7 t
Thrust        27,5 kN
Burning Time  810 secs
Total Mass    8 t

European Space Agency

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Last updated: Jan 7, 1996
by Ralf Zimmermann, DL1FDT