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10m Transmitter Digital & 10m Transmitter RF Output

Fabrication Responsibility:
Gerald Klatzko, ZS6BTD (President SA AMSAT)
Hennie Rheeder, ZS6ALN (Project Manager)
Danie Brynard, ZS6AWK (Voice Store)
Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP (PA)
Gerard de Jong, ZS6KX (CAM & IF)
Frikkie Marx (Modulator)
Tony Reumerman, ZS6AOG (Procurement)
270x200 & Heat Sink 270x200
Average Power Dissipation:
60 Watts (perigee only)


SA AMSAT has undertaken to build a 15 minute voice-store and transmitter to operate on a down-link in the 29 MHz band.

The unit consists of 5 boards:

  1. IF receiver
  2. Voice Store
  3. CAM generator
  4. RF Amplifier
  5. Modulator
These boards will be in two housings i.e. a "hot-box" for the RF Amplifier and Modulator and a "cool-box" for the rest of the circuitry.

The purpose of this voice-store/transmitter is to upload a 15 minute message via VHF. These messages to be of interest to schools in Southern Africa and eventually maybe get the scholars themselves to originate and record the messages.
These messages can then be received by schools on simple portable receivers with 29 MHz AM facilities or via a simple convertor.

Last updated: Jan 7, 1996
by Ralf Zimmermann, DL1FDT