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Dear All,

The first Malaysian Amateur Satellite 'TIUNGSAT - 1' is also to be
launched on the same vehicle DNEPR-1 as SAUDISAT-1A and SAUDISAT-1B on 25th
August, 2000. The launch site is Baikonur Cosmodrome, Khazakstand.

The details of 'Tiungsat -1' (Named by PM after the Malaysian bird 'Myna')

1. Dimension 690 x 390 x 360 mm
Mass 50 kg. (platform: 35 kg; payload 15 kg.)
Solar Array Power: 35 W (max) GaAs solar cells

2. Payload Multi-Spectral Earth Imaging System (MSEIS)
Meteorological Earth Imaging system (MEIS)
Digital Store and Forward

3. Orbit Altitude: 645.1 km (apogee) & 639.7 km (perigee
Inclination: 65 - 67 degrees
Eccentricity: 0.004

4. Data Transmission Characteristics:

Data Transmission: FM and FSK
Data Rate 9.6 kbps, 38.4 kbps and 76.8 kbps

5. RF Communications

Uplinks Freq. 144.46; 145.85; 145.86 MHz.
Downlink Freq. 437.3; 437.325; 437.350; 437.375 MHz.
Antennas: 4 monopoles, gain 0dBi
Radiation pattern omni-directional

This is as a result of technology transfer collaboration between
Astronautic Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd. (ATSB) and Surrey Satellites
Technology Ltd. (SSTL)


Sangat, 9M2SS

At 17:23 28/07/00 +0300, Turki Al-Saud wrote:
>Dear Gentlemen,
>The first Amateur Radio Satellites from The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are
>presently being built by the Space Research Institute at the King Abdulaziz
>City for Science and Technology in Riyadh. Tentatively set for launch
>August 25, 2000, these satellites will be capable of 9k6 digital store and
>forward operation (Packsat Broadcast Protocol compatible) as well as FM bent
>pipe mode.
>These satellites will use the following downlink frequencies. Uplinks are
>in the VHF band and will be announced after commissioning.
>Downlink 437.075 436.775
>Amateur Radio is in its infancy in Saudi Arabia. With these satellites we
>hope not only to add satellites to the space resources available to hams
>world wide, but to increase the awareness of the value of Amateur Radio in
>the Kingdom.
>Dr. Turki Al Saud
>Director, Space Research Institute.
>King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology.
>Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
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