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Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 04:20:19 -0700
From: Chris Lewicki <>
To:, amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
Subject: [jamsat-amsat-bb:20511] SEDSAT update (11/3/98)

Hi Everyone,
	Not too much went on over the weekend.  I made an attempt on Friday night  once
again to establish an uplink, but either due to hardware or software reasons (I
think software), I haven't been successful.  Today, Stand Wood, in the Phase 3-D
integration lab may give it an attempt.  We also have several other 23cm-capable
stations coming online which may also rise to the challenge.  This is the last
step needed to put SEDSAT in a more stable operational profile.
	For other details, SEDSAT last power cycled around 13:45 UTC on November 1,
giving it an approximate next up time (broadcasting telemetry) in the area of 
00:45 UTC on November 3. 
	Several stations have been working on finding the downlink center frequency of
SEDSAT, and most have resolved somewhere between 437.913 and 437.914 as the best
frequency (3-4Khz higher than advertised). I have tried this myself with no
problem, but I saw no difference in received signal strength. Stations with low
gain, or receive problems may want to try this out.
	For those stations sending telemetry reports to, keep doing
so. We certainly appreciate your data!  A few guidelines, as I've been organizing
the received reports this weekend:  Binary-logged KISS files should end with
".KSS".  Decoded telemetry files (from the SGS programs) should end in ".tlm".  
Please begin the data file with the year, month, day, and beginning hour of the
telemetry logged.  Also, after that, place a hyphen, and your callsign, to help us
organized duplicate sets.  An example name for a file received November 2nd,
1:57pm local time, by me, would read (kiss logged):


I'm not sure if WiSP-logged files are coded in local or UTC time.  UTC time would
be the most convenient, but if its local time, please indicate so. We won't have
to put up with this too long, as the software we are developing at Arizona will
input it directly into the database over the net, so I look forward to having that :)

	That's all for now.  Hopefully we'll have good news about that uplink soon!
Christopher A. Lewicki KC7NYV 520.977.0758 Maintainer of SEDS.LPL.Arizona.EDU
     Project Manager, University of Arizona Student Satellite Project
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