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[jamsat-news:2744] ANS Special Bulletin - OSCAR College Night Special EventNovember 5

SB SAT @ AMSAT $ANS-308.01
ANS Special Bulletin - OSCAR College Night Special Event November 5

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 308.01
November 4, 2009
BID: $ANS-308.01

OSCAR College Satellite Night will begin this Thursday evening,
November 5 local time for North America. (November 5 from 2200 UTC
to November 6 0500 UTC.) Expect to hear many OSCAR capable NA 
college club stations on the air as college clubs are getting 
priority on the AO-51 QRP repeater that night. The uplink freq-
uency is 145.880 MHZ FM; the downlink frequency is 435.150 MHz

Dr. Jay Garlitz, AA4FL at the University of Florida reminds sate-
llite users to, "Please work each college station but afford them 
the ability to take calls and make as many QSOs as possible. We 
do want you to speak to each other as well, but give priority to 
college stations during this one evening special event."

College club stations will also be on other birds so make as many 
contacts as you can on each bird. College stations are encouraged 
to QSL all the stations they work during the event. An award for
working college club station via satellite is in the works with
details to be announced later.

AA4FL summarized, "While we are initially focusing on North American 
activity let me know of interest and participation from other parts 
of the globe via e-mail at jgarlitz@ufl.edu."


Via the ANS mailing list courtesy of AMSAT-NA