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[jamsat-news:2399] AMSAT-DLのドメイン名


いた amsat-dl. dot de は、AMSATと何の関係もなくなっており、今後は

JA3FEP/6 毛利@佐賀
> Hello All,
> I would like to point out expressly that AMSAT DL has nothing 
> to do with current domain “www.amsat-dl.de”
> The domain belonged in former times to Reinhard Richter, DJ1KM 
> and served occasionally as a mirror, when we had some server 
> problems at that time.
> At expiration the domain was immediately taken over and blocked 
> by an IT-company. A search in the Internet resulted in the fact, 
> that the new owner was frequently known for dubious domain 
> grabbing activities..
> Again,  AMSAT-DL expressly dissociate from the domain 
> "www dot amsat-dl dot de” 
> and we will also not use this domain in future..
> Webmasters of other AMSAT or private homepage should make sure, 
> that all links to AMSAT-DL are directed to
>  http://www.amsat-dl.org
> Thank you, 73s Peter DB2OS