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[jamsat-news:1951] ANS-238.01 Echo Schedule Update

Echo Schedule-25 Aug 2004

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 238.01
August 25, 2004
BID: $ANS-238.01

The following is the planned schedule for the next week and a half on
AO-51.Please remember, we are still it an experimental/checkout phase of
the satellite. Events like the software reload last weekend will happen
from time to time. The schedule is subject to change.  All times are

25 Aug 0200 UTC to 26 Aug 0300 UTC
Experimenters Wednesday - Mode V/S FM Repeater Test.
S Band TX (2401.200) will be turned ON in FM voice mode, continuous
transmission. The 145.920 VHF receiver (RX3) will be set to FM voice
mode. No 67 hz Tone will be required during this test.

As this will be the first time the S Band transmitter has been allowed
to run for an extended period, the WOD will be checked after the first
pass. If all is well mode V/S will continue for the rest of
Experimenters Wednesday.

Digial TXA (435.150) will be OFF except to download data over Command
Station. FM TXB (435.300) will be OFF.

At the conclusion of Exp Wed normal FM repeater mode on TXB will
return.  After completing the download of data from the S Band test the
BBS will be opened for an extended window of user operation.  This will
be at the current low power level of TXA.  During this time AO-51 will
be active in both FM repeat (145.920 FM up, 67 hz tone / 435.300 FM down
at 0.60 watts) and 9k6 BBS (145.860 FM up / 435.150 down FM down at 0.40
watts) for the first time.  Please check the Broadcast message on Echo,
for a notice when the BBS is open.

26 Aug 0300 UTC
Digital TXA 9k6 BBS Closed
FM TXB repeater mode Active (at conclusion of Exp Wed)

26 Aug 0500 UTC to 31 Aug 0000 UTC
Digital TXA 9k6 BBS OPEN (Low Power Output)
FM TXB repeater mode Active

During this time the Command Team would again appreciate any telemetry
capture and download to the website that they can get.  If you are
active on the BBS please take a couple of minutes to get a few Telemetry
records during your pass.

[ANS thanks Mike, KE4AZN for the above information]

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