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[jamsat-news:1933] ANS-183.01 ECHO Status - 01 July 2004

SB SAT @ AMSAT $ANS-183.01
ECHO Status - 01 July 2004

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 183.01 From AMSAT HQ
SILVER SPRING, MD. July 1, 2004
BID: $ANS-183.01

During the last pass on 30 June 2004, the TX power was turned up to 3.1 W to
assure a good downlink while continuing to load software. Unfortunately, the
power could not be reset to a lower level before the pass ended.  The BCR
responded as expected and eventually turned off the transmitter.  The
transmitter will be left off for the remainder of the night to allow the
batteries to fully recharge.  During the 02 July morning passes over the US
East Coast the transmitter will be turned on to gather telemetry and
evaluate the situation.

If you have recorded any telemetry data please send both the Raw and
Engineering CSV files to ke4azn@amsat.org.

[ANS thanks Jim, WD0E, for the above information]


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