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ANS is a free, weekly, news and information service of AMSAT North
America, The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation. ANS reports on
the activities of a worldwide group of Amateur Radio operators who
share an active interest in designing, building, launching and
communicating through analog and digital Amateur Radio satellites.

In this edition:
*  AMSAT-NA July President's Letter
*  AMSAT-NA Membership Contest
*  Anonymous Donor Matches New Member Dues
*  Membership QSL Insert Available
*  P3T Upgraded for AO-40 FEC Telemetry
*  7P8 DXpedition includes AO-40 July 18-25
*  Upcoming ARISS Contact Schedule
*  This Week's News in Brief

SB SAT @ AMSAT $ANS-201.01
AMSAT-NA July President's Letter

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 201.01 From AMSAT HQ
SILVER SPRING, MD.  July 20, 2003
BID: $ANS-201.01

July and August are the traditional times for AMSAT-NA members to take
family vacations and I wish you all the very best for a safe  vacation with
your families.  This period is also the time when AMSAT holds it's
annual elections and I will (if you permit) pass a few comments on this

As I have said elsewhere in more detail, it is with great pleasure that we
have a record number of candidates running  this time and as a result there
has been a great increase in the activity on AMSAT-BB as members
(and non-members) have been expressing their thoughts on what AMSAT-NA
should  (or should not) do.  One of the positive aspects of the AMSAT-BB
activity is the new Membership drive/competition, announced by the Corporate
Secretary (Martha).  The winner will be presented with a tri-band Handheld
unit at the AMSAT Annual Meeting in Toronto, October 18 2003.  We must thank
the anonymous donor who has offered to match the first 100 members
membership fees - wow! and thanks.  Another positive aspect is the  listing
of AMSAT-NA Tax returns on our web page. If you would like to look at them
then go to our web Page (www.amsat.org)  click on  "Information about AMSAT"
then scroll down to "Finances" click on the year of your choice.
Note: that at my last check the Tax return for 2002 has not yet been posted.

Some times things go well and sometimes they don't - we have all had bad
days, and poor Martha just had a bad one when she found out that the printer
had sent last years  ballot write ups to the mailer who had sent them out to
you.  Well the situation has been corrected, please destroy last year's
ballot and information - the one in Black ink and on white paper. -If that
is sent in it will not be counted.  Use only the colorful new ballot and
write-ups that should be mailed later this week.  The re-print and mailing
will be done at the expense of the printer. I don't think he will make that
mistake again.

On the BB in the last few days we have had an excessive amount of  E-mails,
many of them have had the phrase  "AMSAT  should ........"  and quite
rightly there are many things that AMSAT should do if  AMSAT had the
resources to do them.  These resources fall into two types, People and
Dollars.  Yes we need people as much as we need the dollars, especially
people who are prepared to carry out  administrative functions and Business
Development. Since I became President of AMSAT, I have asked many times for
Admin people and so far I have really only got one person.  Please go to
volunteer@amsat.org and request a copy of our volunteer survey - and offer
your assistance, then you can have the satisfaction of  putting your
thoughts into practice.

It is obvious to those of us on the BoD that many people who like to say
"AMSAT should ...." are  people who have not read the BoD minutes, the
Journal, ANS, or these President's Monthly letters. As this mater that
they want AMSAT to do has usually been discussed at the BoD and rejected for
sound reason (often resources) or is currently assigned to an AMSAT officer.

Now it is also quite apparent that there are those who do read the AMSAT
communications, and are the people that I take seriously when they make
comments, you know who you are so I will not comment further.  Meanwhile, I
would ask the  "Candidates for Election" to make sure that the things that
they promise  "If elected" are items which are not already underway or which
have been rejected by the BoD  "for good reason" - see previous minutes in
the AMSAT Journal(s).

As you read this I  will be preparing to attend the AMSAT-UK Colloquium
where I will present Rick Hambly's paper on ECHO and meet with the
Presidents of several other AMSATs to discuss international joint
assistance. I will be away until the start of August, and unable to
communicate on a regular basis, so once more may I wish you a happy and safe
vacation.  During my absence Rick Hambly, Executive Vice-President will act
in my place.

Robin Haighton VE3FRH
President AMSAT-NA

[ANS thanks Robin, VE3FRH, for the above information]


SB SAT @ AMSAT $ANS-201.02
AMSAT-NA Membership Contest

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 201.02 From AMSAT HQ
SILVER SPRING, MD.  July 20, 2003
BID: $ANS-201.02

 July 14th will be the start of the new AMSAT membership contest.  To
receive credit for a new member, the recruiter's name and callsign must be

* If the new member joins by phone, they must mention your name and call
* If they join by post, they must write your name and call
* If they join by e-mail, your name and call must be sent.

The contest will run until the end of September.  The prize - a tri-band
hand-held.  The winner will be announced at the AMSAT Annual Meeting in

[ANS thanks Martha for the above information]


SB SAT @ AMSAT $ANS-201.03
Anonymous Donor Matches New Member Dues

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 201.03 From AMSAT HQ
SILVER SPRING, MD.  July 20, 2003
BID: $ANS-201.03

An anonymous donor will match the first years dues of every new member (up
to 100) signed up during the Membership Contest. People - now is the time to
do something positive for AMSAT.  Show your support by giving talks at
clubs, attending hamfests, talking to friends on the air.   Remember each
new member dollar (up to 100 members) is being matched.  The membership
contest runs until September 30th.

[ANS thanks Martha for the above information]


SB SAT @ AMSAT $ANS-201.04
AMSAT Annual General Meeting and Space Symposium.

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 201.04 From AMSAT HQ
SILVER SPRING, MD.  July 20, 2003
BID: $ANS-201.04

AMSAT Annual General Meeting and Space Symposium.
October 17-19, 2003

Its time to think about registering for this year's AGM, to be held on
the outskirts of Toronto, Ontario.   A first-class facility, the
Marriott Airport Hotel, has been booked, and all AGM activities from
dining to presentations will take place under one roof, which is just
minutes from the airport.

The registration form has now been placed on the  website. Please visit
AGM 2003 website which can be accessed via the AMSAT homepage (
http://www.amsat.org ).  We will be adding new information on a ongoing

The registration form will also appear  in the next AMSAT
Journal. Early registrations will receive a $10 dollar discount so
please register early to enjoy these savings!

The call for papers has been going well and we anticipate another
excellent line-up of presentations this year. The planning committee
has settled on a schedule for the two days of presentations. People
that have contacted Wayne - VE3WHC with abstracts should email Wayne
for final details.

Summer has officially descended on Toronto this week and we are
experiencing a mini heat wave. But after a long winter and an extended
spring nobody is complaining .yet.  I'm very proud to say that we
accomplished a lot of planning for the AGM over the Winter and Spring,
to ensure that this year's AGM is once again the excellent educational
and relationship-building event that AMSAT members expect.

On behalf of the planning committee and myself have a nice summer and see
you all in October.

Barry Delong - VA3BJD
2003 AGM Chairman

[ANS thanks Barry, VA3BJD, for the above information]


SB SAT @ AMSAT $ANS-201.05
Membership QSL Insert Available

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 201.05 From AMSAT HQ
SILVER SPRING, MD.  July 20, 2003
BID: $ANS-201.05

Do you send QSL cards for satellite contacts? You can help AMSAT by
inserting a form describing AMSAT and providing membership information. Put
one of these inserts in every QSL mailing and you will help other hams find
AMSAT and you will help AMSAT to build new satellites.

Two forms are available in Adobe PDF format on the AMSAT Web site.  Go to
www.amsat.org and select the  "Become a member of AMSAT-NA" link.  Near the
bottom of the membership page you will find the section  "QSL Insert".

The first form is for single sided printing. Just print, cut and fold.

The second form is for double sided printing. Print the first page on the
front and the second page on the rear. If using a duplex inkjet like the HP
PhotoSmart series choose Properties, Features, Two Sided Printing and check
the Tablet (not Book) box. Then just cut and use.

These forms were the brain child of AMSAT member Andrew Glasbrenner, KO4MA,
and were designed by Rick Hambly, W2GPS, (AMSAT Executive VP) with input
from Art Feller, W4ART, Paul Williamson, KB5MU, Stephen Diggs, W4EPI, and
Clark, W3IWI.

[ANS thanks Rick, W2GPS, and Drew, KO4MA, for the above information]


SB SAT @ AMSAT $ANS-201.06
P3T Upgraded for AO-40 FEC Telemetry

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 201.06 From AMSAT HQ
SILVER SPRING, MD.  July 20, 2003
BID: $ANS-201.06

If you have been following AO-40 telemetry on the Goddard server recently,
you may have seen curious A-blocks with the message:

|            RECONSTRUCTED FROM DECODED FEC BLOCK              |

These blocks were decoded by Stacey Mills, W4SM, using a modification of the
G3RUH MK II 400 BPS PSK demodulator, and a new version of the P3T telemetry
decoding software program. The modification to the demodulator, developed by
G3RUH, involves the addition of an 8 bit ADC, with minimal changes. For more
details, see:


With this modification, the MK II demodulator can continue to function in
standard or "hardware" mode or, with the flip of a switch, can output ADC
data at 9600 BPS, 1 byte per bit of telemetry data.  P3T will also function
in standard mode as before, but now includes the option for ADC input. In
ADC input mode, P3T expects a serial port data stream as detailed above of
one 8-bit byte per bit of telemetry data. In this mode, it will decode
standard format telemetry blocks and will also handle all FEC decoding
processes, generating a reconstituted A-block with the header as seen above.
Eventually, P3T will be further modified to accept ADC data from a

The performance of this system really has to be seen to be fully
appreciated. In FEC mode with even a modest receiving setup, every single
block should be properly error corrected if the squint is less than 90
degs. FEC blocks that are barely audible or with severe spin-modulation
fading will decode correctly. The P3T software is in final beta testing and
will be available within a few days.  This system will be demonstrated live
at the upcoming AMSAT-UK meeting in Surrey by G3RUH using a solo
RHCP patch antenna (no dish).

[ANS thanks Stacey, W4SM, for the above information]


SB SAT @ AMSAT $ANS-201.07
7P8 DXpedition includes AO-40 July 18-25

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 201.07 From AMSAT HQ
SILVER SPRING, MD.  July 20, 2003
BID: $ANS-201.07

The July 18-25 Lesotho 7P8 DXpedition sponsor by the Lone Star DX
Association and the Texas DX Society has added amateur satellite mode to its
planned operations, DXpedition Leader Charles Frost, K5LBU/7P8TA has

The operation will be on the AO-40 satellite.  The uplink will be U--band
(70cm).  Equipment including antennas and a down converter were donated by
Wayne Estes, W9AE, and a spare down converter donated by Bruce Paige, KK5DO.
For additional 7P8 satellite information and news click on

"We're glad to offer such a needed mode from Lesotho," Frost said, adding
that those wanting to  make a contact with the DXpedition  "take it easy on
us because none of us are satellite operators, but we are
willing to try our best at giving everyone who wants one a 7P8 QSO."

Operations will be will be at the Hotel Mount Maluti
http://www.seelesotho.com/mountmaluti.htm near Mohale's Hoek
(30.16 S and 27.48 E).

QSLs will be handled by each operator separately via their home calls as
each will have their own 7P8 call.

QSL routes are: 7P8CF--K5LBU--Frosty; 7P8TA--WW5L--Tom;
7P8MJ--W5MJ--Madison; 7P8NK--VA7DX--Neil; 7P9DA--K4SV--Dave; and

For additional information contact Frost at frosty1@pdq.net or Tom Anderson
at WW5L@gte.net.

[ANS thanks Bruce, KK5DO, for the above information]


SB SAT @ AMSAT $ANS-201.08
Upcoming ARISS Contact Schedule

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 201.08 From AMSAT HQ
SILVER SPRING, MD.  July 20, 2003
BID: $ANS-201.08

Upcoming ARISS Contact Schedule as of 2003-07-10 01:00 UTC

The ARISS (a joint effort of AMSAT, the ARRL, NASA, the ARISS international
partners including Canada, Russia, the European Partners, and Japan)
operations team wishes to announce the following very tentative schedule for
ARISS school contacts.  This schedule is very fluid and may change at the

Remember that amateur radio use on the ISS is considered secondary.  Please
check the various AMSAT and ARISS webpages for the latest announcements.
Changes from the last announcement are noted with (***).  Also, please check
MSNBC.com for possible live retransmissions
(http://www.msnbc.com/m/lv/default.asp).  Listen for the ISS on the downlink
of 145.80 MHz.

Websites that may be of interest include:


ISS Expedition 7 crew:
Yuri Malenchenko RK3DUP

Turkey Space Camp
Contact was successful 2003-07-15 06:00 UTC  (***)
Congratulations Turkey Space Camp and Ed Lu  (***)

Brussels Planetarium
Contact is a go for 2003-07-24 13:15 UTC via ZS6BTD (***)

The latest ARISS announcement and successful school list is now available on
the ARISS web site.  Several ways to get there.

Latest ARISS announcements and news

Successful school list


If you can not get into the GSFC site, then go directly to the RAC site.

click on English (sorry I don't know French)
you are now at http://www.rac.ca/ariss/
click on News

Currently the ARISS operations team has a list of over 60 schools that we
hope will be able to have a contact during 2003.   As the schedule becomes
more solidified, we will be letting everyone know.  Current plans call for
an average of one scheduled school contact per week.

[ANS thanks Charlie, AJ9N, for the above information]


SB SAT @ AMSAT $ANS-201.09
This Week's News in Brief

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 201.09 From AMSAT HQ
SILVER SPRING, MD.  July 20, 2003
BID: $ANS-201.09

**   The CGC Communicator reports that retail stores in the continental
United States are now being allowed market the pricey beacon transmitters
which can be activated when a person is in a dangerous situation.
Proponents of Personal Locator Beacons claim that they will assist rescue
teams in finding lost persons in emergency situations.
-- Newsline

**   Boeing said Tuesday as a result of market weakness in the commercial
space launch sector, higher mission and launch costs on its Delta IV
program, and cost growth in its satellite businesses, the company will move
to withdraw from commercial satellite launches for the foreseeable future
and instead focus on the growing military space market. -- SpaceDaily

**   The European Space Agency (ESA) awarded Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd
(SSTL) in the UK a contract Friday to construct the first test satellite for
Europe's global navigation system, Galileo.  --SpaceDaily

**  The now concluded World Radiocommunications Conference ruled that Morse
Code is no longer a world standard for getting a high frequency ham license.
According to the IARU, the new language of International Radio Regulation
Article 25.5 now reads: "Administrations shall determine whether or not a
person seeking a license to operate an amateur station shall demonstrate the
ability to send and receive texts in Morse code signals."  --Newsline


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