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[jamsat-news:1738] Plain Text.

Hi All,
This message is being sent to all subscribers of ANS to ask your opinion.
Please reply ONLY if you disagree with the following Proposal .......

For Years ANS has been sent in Plain Text, to accommodate services such as 
RTTY, Packet, AMTOR etc. 
There seems to be a reduction in the need for these services as to a great 
extent the internet has taken over where these services were once dominant.
Therefore it is proposed that ANS will revert to MIME in about two months 
unless we get serious objection.
The advantage of this would be that we could then send URL's (which could be 
directly operated) Pictures - (relatively low resolution to allow for slow 
receiving) and color where necessary. 
In addition it will enable the ANS editors to be more flexible in copying 
documents when compiling the weekly ANS.
Please reply directly to me (VE3FRH@amsat.org) ONLY if you have a serious 
problem with this proposal.
Just in case you think we could do both Plain text and MIME - dont suggest it 
I dont want to double the volunteers work!
Robin Haighton VE3FRH
President AMSAT-NA
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