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[jamsat-news:1441] AO-40の姿勢決定作業続く


JA3GEP/6 毛利

Determination of AO-40's attitude is under progress. YACE-Camera 
and IHU-2 have been turned on to get additional attitude-
information close to Earth at perigee. First highly compressed 
images showing parts of Earth's surface have been downloaded 
and can be found in the AO-40 telemetry archive.


Satellite: AO-40
Catalog number: 26609
Epoch time:      01060.32118714
Element set:      44
Inclination:        5.5180 deg
RA of node:       218.3353 deg
Eccentricity:    0.8134782
Arg of perigee:   228.5693 deg
Mean anomaly:      26.7905 deg
Mean motion:    1.26955381 rev/day
Decay rate:        9.0e-08 rev/day^2
Epoch rev:             153
Checksum:              280

DL6DBN, 03.03.2001