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[jamsat-news:1352] * SpaceNews 16-Oct-00 *

* SpaceNews 16-Oct-00 *

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		 	MONDAY OCTOBER 16, 2000

Last Wednesday evening, the gravity gradient boom on TiungSat was deployed
over Malaysia.  The satellite is now operating in the standard UoSAT BBQ
mode with a Z spin of 0.6 degrees per second.  The delibration controller
is damping the libration angles and the full attitude control task was
expected to be loaded shortly.

All systems have now been tested and the spacecraft is 100% healthy.  There
are a few more tasks to complete before the spacecraft will be opened to
amateur traffic which is expected to be around the end of this month.

When the satellite is opened for use, this will (probably) initially be at
a downlink rate of 9600bd.  However, this will probably only run for a few
weeks before controllers switch the satellite over to 38k4.  Due to power
constraints when operating the high power transmitter, the same system as
used on UO-36 will be employed to only switch the transmitter on when
requested from an amateur station.  Note that the orbit is similar to
UO-36 and as such sees the same periodic power fluctuations.  Controllers
do not expect that this will cause the same sort of 'unavailability' as
on UO-36 though since the basic power budget for TiungSat is less.

[Info via Chris Jackson, G7UPN / ZL2TPO]

KO-23 controllers report that KITSAT-OSCAR-23 is currently in full sunlight,
and will remain so through 29-Oct-00.  The satellite is expected to operate
during this period, and controllers will try to control the satellite's
attitude system.  However, they are not sure when the bird might be turned
off again due to insufficient power.

KO-23's downlink frequency is 435.170 MHz FSK.

[Info via HL0ENJ]

W2L was a special-event station operated by the Ramapo Mountain Amateur Radio 
Club, WA2SNA, to mark the official opening of the new Ringwood, NJ, public 
library building where the club holds its monthly meetings.  In addition to 
the two HF stations, participants operated on four satellite passes, two
each of AO-27 and UO-14, with W2RS's FT-50R and Arrow antenna.  A total
of 22 satellite QSOs were made, mostly on AO-27 since that turned out to
be less crowded than UO-14.  If you worked W2L and want a commemorative
certificate, send your QSL card and 9"x12" SASE to the QSL manager, W2ZF.

Many thanks to Biff and Steve, N2KBD, for arranging the event, and to Ed, 
W4OAF, and Tom, N2AAZ, who served as loggers during the satellite operation.

[Info via Ray Soifer, W2RS]

The AMSAT 2000 Special Event Station will be active during the AMSAT 
North America Space Symposium in Portland, Maine (grid FN-43).  W3ZM, 
the AMSAT Club Callsign will be used.  A special certificate and qsl card
will be available to those that desire one via KK5DO.  Send an SASE with
2 units of postage or 1 IRC (9x12 envelope, certificate will have to be
folded in smaller envelopes) to KK5DO, PO Box 310, Alief, TX 77411.

The Special Event Station will be active on the satellites as well as HF. 

Rotors and antennas will be mounted on the roof of the hotel.  There will
also be ht operation from the parking lot. Look for W3ZM from October 26th 
through the 29th.

[Info via Bruce Paige, KK5DO]

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