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[jamsat-news:1302] * SpaceNews 17-Jul-00 *

* SpaceNews 17-Jul-00 *

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		 	  MONDAY JULY 17, 2000

Arianespace has released a press statement announcing the launch
postponement of Flight 130.  The release states that until an upper
stage anomaly (detected during endurance testing on Ariane-5 components)
is resolved, Flight 130 and subsequent Ariane-5 launches are delayed.

AMSAT-NA President Keith Baker, KB1SF, stated that it is unknown at
this time how the delay may affect the upcoming launch of Phase 3D.
KB1SF also reported that AMSAT-DL is exploring the delay on behalf
of the Phase 3D team.
The delay was mandated by an anomaly that was detected during a long
duration ground test of the attitude control system used on the Ariane
series upper stage.  Additional checks could not confirm the flight
readiness of the attitude control system hardware installed on the Flight
130 vehicle.  In compliance with its policy to give absolute priority to
quality and reliability, Arianespace will not authorize the launch of Flight
130 until all causes of the anomaly have been completely analyzed and
corrective measures applied.

AR-130 had been scheduled for launch near the end of July, using the
Ariane 5 heavy-lift launcher to orbit the Astra 2B and GE-7 satellites.

[Info via the AMSAT-NA News Service]

Sunsat controllers reports that Sunsat will operate in Mode J during the
coming weeks (with weekdays included).  A schedule for all voice passes
to the end of July was uploaded to the Sunsat web page:


The uplink is 145.825 MHz, downlink 436.250 MHz.

The voice schedule for this weekend is included below.  Except for 
when a voice pass is in progress, Sunsat will digipeat unconnected 
1k2 AFSK (uplink 145.900 MHz) and 9k6 PAM/FSK (uplink 145.825 MHz) 
data to 9k6 PAM/AFSK (downlink 436.250 MHz).  Use 'SUNSAT' in your 
unproto path.


15/07/2000  08:49
16/07/2000  09:48


15/07/2000  09:05
16/07/2000  08:25

South-Eastern Asia:

15/07/2000  12:16
16/07/2000  13:15

Southern Africa:

15/07/2000  15:47
16/07/2000  16:45


15/07/2000  18:45
16/07/2000  18:05

South America:

15/07/2000  22:22
16/07/2000  21:42

North America:

16/07/2000  01:27
17/07/2000  00:47

[Info via Johann Lochner, ZR1CBC]

Mike Seguin, N1JEZ, has reported that he will be active during an upcoming
DXpedition to St. Pierre & Miquelon Island.  He will be operating from
Ile aux Marins, a small island accessible by ferry from St. Pierre.
The callsign will be TO0DX and the grid square is GN16.  The expected
operation will be July 15 through July 19, 2000.

Mike was initially asked to join the HF DXpedition and agreed if he could
also bring along a satellite station.  Mike will be transporting a full
OSCAR class station to the island including cross-polarized yagis,
VHF/UHF transceiver, preamps, rotor, and so on.  N1JEZ plans to
operate both analog and digital satellite modes.  In addition to
the satellite gear, Mike will also be active on 6-meters while
on the island.

[Info via Arthur Rowe, N1ORC]

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