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[jamsat-news:1296] * SpaceNews 03-Jul-00 *

* SpaceNews 03-Jul-00 *

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		 	  MONDAY JULY 3, 2000

Ib Christoffersen, OZ1MY, in Denmark reports that the beacon transmitter on
FO-20 is working once again.  Sometimes the beacon is modulated, but mostly
transmits only a continuous wave (CW) signal.  Ib also reports that both
the FO-20 and FO-29 satellites carry high-hand circularly polarized antennas,
they tend to favor left-hand circularly polarized groundstation antennas
due to the current attitude of the satellites.

The latest FO-29 operating schedule is as follows:

03-Jul-00 -to- 09-Jul-00:	Mode J digital 1200bps mailbox mode
10-Jul-00 -to- 19-Jul-00:	Mode J analog transponder
20-Jul-00 -to- 31-Aug-00:	Digitalker (with NEW digital voice data)

Also note that the satellite will be controlled on Wednesdays during
the Digitalker period, and may be in analog mode during those Wednesdays.

The latest information is available at:


[Info via Jim Tittsler, 7J1AJH/AI8A]

KO-25 has started to take pictures again.  Several images taken by the
satellite's Earth Imaging Camera (EIS) system are currently available
for download from the satellite.

In addition, GU8IRF has recently uploaded a color JPG image of Aeolian
Island taken by the UO-36 satellite to KO-25.  Other images of Spain,
Capetown (South Africa), Sale (Austrailia), and Luxor (Egypt) taken by
UO-36 were uploaded to KO-25 in JPG format by EA1IW in Spain over the
past month.

Jim Walls, K6CCC reports having excellent success with the AMSAT-OSCAR-10
satellite.  Jim reports having to drop his uplink power down to 3 watts
to stay below the level of the beacon.  He also successfully made contact
with N1RAK in Rhode Island through the satellite using only 100 milliwatts
of transmitter power.  Jim used a pair of KLM long-boom circularly polarized
yagis to work the AO-10 satellite, and had his receive pre-amp switched off
during these contacts.

[Info via Jim Walls, K6CCC]

There's a new place on the web to discuss ideas and projects pertaining
to Amateur Satellites, Amateur Radio Communications, and related subjects:


At the present time, the focus of kd2bd.org is to provide support as
well as an open exchange of ideas relating to hardware projects and
Open Source software developed by John Magliacane, KD2BD for the Amateur
Radio community.  Visitors to the site have the ability gather information,
participate in on-going discussions, and even create their own discussion
groups.  The site also makes it possible to download files and receive
e-mail alerts when new information has been posted to discussion groups
of interest to its visitors.  The scope of the site is expected to
expand as users create their own discussion groups and share information
pertaining to their interests.

Raul, LU8DPV reports contacting LU6EIL, LU8DPV (Mat del Plata, ARG),
CE3EDW in Santiago, Chile, and LU9YTC (Neuquen, ARG) via the SUNSAT
satellite on the night of 24-Jun-00.  Signals through the satellite
were reported to be 5-8 / 5-9.

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