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[jamsat-news:1187] * SpaceNews 29-Nov-99 *

* SpaceNews 29-Nov-99 *

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		 	MONDAY NOVEMBER 29, 1999

Those wishing to contact Hawaii via the AO-27 satellite may be interested
to learn that Jerry, KK5YY, will be active on AO-27 from Hawaii between
28-Nov-99 until 11-Dec-99 on most passes that fall on both the Islands
and the US mainland.

Last week's report on the rocket launch that took place from Rhode Island
on November 18, 1999 contained several errors.  Here is the full story from
Hank Riley, N1LTV:
With crystal clear skies but blustery winds, the Viper-Dart sounding rocket
left the launch site right on schedule early afternoon at Ninigret State
Park in Charlestown, Rhode Island with a loud roar to the delight of several
thousand students gathered from four states.  Earlier in the day model
rockets in several size categories and one high altitude balloon were
This marked the first time a missile launched from a New England state had
reached space at approximately 60 miles in altitude.  In the blink of an
eye, only a nearly vertical snow white exhaust trail was left to slowly
dissipate against a background of deep blue sky.
The nosecone, designed to capture comet dust from the Leonids meteor shower,
was to have been tracked with the aid of GPS signals transmitted from the
payload on a microwave frequency, but a malfunctioning receiver aboard the
Coast Guard cutter Monomoy on station south of Block Island made that task
almost impossible.
The nosecone has not been recovered, and chances are very slim it ever will
be.  It's possible it may wash ashore in Rhode Island or Massachusetts and
be found months or years later by someone.  It is designed to float for
a number of days is highly waterproof.
Viper-Dart launch pictures from Charlestown at:

[Info via Hank Riley, N1LTV]

Here's the latest operating schedule for the FUJI-OSCAR-29 satellite:

26-Nov-99 -to- 30-Nov-99	Digitalker
01-Dec-99 -to- 12-Dec-99	Mode JA
13-Dec-99 -to- 19-Dec-99	Mode JD 1200 bps PSK Mailbox
20-Dec-99 -to- 11-Jan-00	Mode JA

[Info via Kazu Sakamoto, JJ1WTK]

* RS-13 NEWS *
Numerous reports were received indicating the reception of data signals
throughout RS-13's 10-meter downlink passband, and the inability to repeat
uplinked signals through the satellite's transponder.  It is believed
that the satellite's 2-meter uplink is being desensed by the commercial
navigational satellite that shares "living quarters" with the RS amateur
satellite payload.  The navigational satellite transmits somewhere
between 149.900 and 150.000 MHz.

More information on the RS-12/RS-13 satellite may be found on AC5DK's
RS-12/13 Satellite Operator's Page at:


JAWSAT, OPAL, STENSAT and ASUSAT-1 are scheduled for launch from Vandenberg
Air Force Base in California on 08-Dec-99 at 02:22 UTC, with a launch
window between 02:12 and 02:32 UTC.

The following are prelimary Keplerian orbiat data for JAWSAT issued by
Randy, N7SFI:

1 99999U 00  0  0 99342.10840000  .00000001  00000-0  00000-0 0    21
2 99999 100.0000 164.2099 0000001   0.0000 180.0000 14.42590000    15

Epoch time:   99342.1084
Decay:        0.00000001
Element set:  1
Inclination:  100.0
RAAN:         164.2099
Eccentricity: 0.0000001
Arg Perigee:  0.0
Mean Anomaly: 180.0
Mean Motion:  14.4259
Orbit #:      1

Randy asks that any AX-25 9600 baud telemetry received from JAWSAT on
437.175 and/or 437.070 MHz be sent to him via e-mail at: n7sfi@amsat.org.

[Info via Randy, N7SFI]

Roy, W0SL reports that Chris Jackson has issued updated versions of PB.EXE
and PG.EXE for communication with Pacsat satellites under DOS operating
systems.  This update is to provide Y2K compliance for these programs.
They are being made available via the UO-22 and KO-25 satellites as well
as being put on the AMSAT-NA web site.

Roy reports that these programs have been tested, but cautions users to
retain their present ones until they are satisfied that the new programs
work in their setup.

[Info via Roy, W0SL]

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