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[jamsat-news:1150] * SpaceNews 06-Sep-99 *

* SpaceNews 06-Sep-99 *

BID: $SPC0906



Amateur Satellite Workshop for Colleges and Universities
Sponsored by The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT)
Thursday, October 7th, 1999
Hanalei Hotel, San Diego, CA

The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT) is sponsoring a free
Amateur Satellite Workshop for Colleges and Universities on Thursday,
October 7th, 1999.  The Workshop will provide a series of educational
lectures to participants interested in using the Amateur Satellite Service
in their classroom and small satellite projects.  The Workshop will cover
topics on:

> Amateur Satellites, who, what, where, and when
> The role of the Amateur Radio and Amateur Satellite Service
> ITU and FCC Rules and Regulations
> Spectrum Assignment and Frequency Coordination
> Amateur Radio in the classroom/laboratory
> Open Forum

The workshop is free.  Hotel and travel arrangements are the responsibility
of the participants.

Attendees are invited and encouraged to attend the 17th Space Symposium
and AMSAT-NA Annual Meeting being held on October 8, 9, and 10, 1999
in the same location.  Additional information on the Symposium is
available at http://www.amsat.org/amsat/sympos99.html

Requests for information on the workshop please contact Steve Bible by
email: n7hpr@amsat.org.  

Please RSVP for the workshop to the AMSAT office at (301) 589-6062 or
by email to: martha@amsat.org.

[Info via Steven Bible, N7HPR]

KO-23 controllers report that KO-23 continues to be unusable due to
battery degradation.  Two or more cells are suspected to have expired,
and controllers are operating KO-23 with the bare minimum systems turned
on.  In addition, attitude control has been lost over the past few months,
and sudden power failures are being experienced about once every two months.
The power required for the OBC186 on-board computer has not been secured or
verified yet.

Controllers will try to verify the current power status during September.
After that, controllers can decide if they can operate the satellite.
However, it does not seem likely that the recovery will be successful.

[Info via Hyungshin Kim from SaTReC, KAIST, Korea]

Brian Riley reports that the crew on MIR apparently captured a shot of
the moon's shadow passing across the earth's surface during the solar
eclipse several weeks ago.  Brian reports that this is an incredible
photo that was the "Astronomy Picture of the Day" a few days back.

The photo may be accessed via the Internet at the following URL:


At approximately 1525 UTC on September 3, 1999, AO-27 satellite
controller Chuck Wyrick, KM4NZ reset the TEPR states on AO-27.
TEPR 4 is now 34, and TEPR 5 is now 70.

The latest FO-29 operating schedule is as follows:

Mon 30-Aug-99 -to- Thu 09-Sep-99 : Mode JA
Fri 10-Sep-99 -to- Tue 21-Sep-99 : Digitalker
Tue 21-Sep-99 -to- Wed 22-Sep-99 : Mode JA
Wed 22-Sep-99 -to- Mon 04-Oct-99 : Digitalker
Tue 05-Oct-99 -to- Thu 07-Oct-99 : Mode JA

[Info via Kazu Sakamoto, JJ1WTK]

SUNSAT's Amateur transponder is scheduled as follows. 

"We may occasionally encounter software bugs (as on 28/9 August) 
computer hangs, or finger trouble, so please regard the schedule as a
goal, and not a guaranteed service" Prof Garth Milne ZR1AFH told SA

Uplink = 145.950 MHz  (Ignore Doppler) 
Down   = 436.250 MHz  (+5kHz/0/-5kHz for Doppler in pass.) 

On the uplink no allowance for Doppler shift is necessary as the 2M
receiver has AFC that will cope with the 3 kHz Doppler shift. 

On the downlink, a Doppler shift of up to +9kHz/-9kHz occurs at the
beginning/end of the pass. 

Saturday  4 September 
02:41 to 02:59          Australia 
09:22 to 09:36          Africa 
09:44 to 09:58          Europe 
16:18 to 16:35          USA 
Sunday  5 September 
03:40 to 03:58          Australia 
10:21 to 10:36          Africa 
10:43 to 10:58          Europe 
17:18 to 17:34          USA 

Saturday 11 September 
02:59 to 03:15          Australia 
09:41 to 09:55          Africa 
10:01 to 10:17          Europe 
16:37 to 16:55          USA 

Sunday  12 September 
02:20 to 02:38          Australia 
10:40 to 10:53          Africa 
11:00 to 11:16          Europe 
15:58 to 16:15          USA 

The passes over Australia will often enable comms over most of Australia,
and then the islands North of Australia including Japan.  Communications
between Japan and Australia should be possible for a short period.
Let's hear from you!

The pass over Southern Africa should make comms possible between
countries like the RSA, Namibia, Angola, Congo, Zimbabwe, Zambia, 
Mozambique, and as far North as Sudan.

On the European pass, comms will be possible between countries in North
Africa and as far North as France, Germany, and parts of Russia.  The
satellite will remain switched on to cover the Scandinavian countries
and Greenland.

The pass over North America should make comms possible from the Northern
countries in South America, the Carribean, most of the Eastern part of
the USA to the midwest, Canada, and briefly Alaska. 
Please send your comments and experience to: saamsat@intekom.co.za 

[Info via Hans, ZS5AKV]

My apologies for being tardy in generating and distributing SpaceNews
in recent weeks, but my hard disk has been experiencing "unrecoverable
errors" lately and is getting worse.  Several critical system files
were recently lost, and this issue of SpaceNews had to be edited using
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