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[jamsat-news:1007] * SpaceNews 18-Jan-99 *

* SpaceNews 18-Jan-99 *

BID: $SPC0118


		        MONDAY JANUARY 18, 1999

SpaceNews originates at KD2BD in Wall Township, New Jersey, USA.  It
is published every week and is made available for non-commercial use.

A collection of recent Mir SSTV images may be found at Claudio, IK1SLD's
Web site, which may be reached at the following URL:


* KO-23 NEWS *
Jim, AA4MD, reported last week that KO-23's satellite clock was running
behind and must not have been reset properly during the satellite's
recent transmitter problems.  This caused some operators to experience
difficulties because their software could not correct the error.

Jim   AA4MD   Huhfam@aol.com

John Curtis, W7RAQ, reports that after two attempts to launch SUNSAT,
the mission has been scrubbed.  Complications have postponed the launch,
and no other information was available at this time this issue of
SpaceNews went to press.

Controllers have pointed out that SUNSAT will not be available for
general amateur radio use until at least one month after the launch of
the spacecraft.

Dr. Dave Larsen, N6CO, reported that he and Fran, KE6IXD, recently sent
out over 200 Mir QSL cards.  Dave wishes to remind those requesting QSL
cards that they be sent to the following address:

	PO Box 311
	Pine Grove, California 95665

(The post office box number is no longer 1501)

Stations outside of the US should include a self-addressed business sized
envelope with 2 IRCs for return postage.  US stations should include a
business sized SASE.  QSLs sent ot Dave should include the mode, date,
and time of the contact with Mir.  Questions may be addressed directly
to Dave via e-mail: doc@volcano.net,
or packet radio: N6CO@N0ARY.#NOCAL.CA.USA.NOAM

* AO-10 NEWS *
Stacey Mills, W4SM, recently provided the following updated AO-10 Keplerian
orbital data that is based on additional ranging measurements:

Satellite: AO-10
Catalog number: 14129
Epoch time:      99011.95911000
Element set:     004
Inclination:         27.111 deg
RA of node:          48.713 deg
Eccentricity:       0.60081
Arg of perigee:     281.762 deg
Mean anomaly:        69.677 deg
Mean motion:     2.05868815 rev/day
Decay rate:        0.0      rev/day^2
Epoch rev:            11717
Checksum:               239

1 14129U 00  0  0 99011.95911000  .00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0  0049
2 14129 027.1110 048.7130 6008100 281.7620 069.6770 02.05868815117170

Chris Jackson, G7UPN, reported that during the morning passes over Surrey
last Tuesday, the secondary OBC386 flight computer software was loaded.
This software will be tested out over the next few weeks and modifications
made as required.  Once controllers are satisfied that it is performing
correctly, the OBC186 will be switched off and the OBC386 will be made
the primary OBC.

The OBC386 has a number of advantages over the 186 apart from processing
power.  It has 128MB of data storage available for storing images compared
to the 186's 16MB.  Also, two uplinks are available on the 386 and this
should help reduce uplink congestion.

Stations are asked not to transmit to TMSAT when the secondary OBC is
operating on the downlink.  As stations will observe, the secondary OBC
uses the callsign TMSATS and this callsign should not be programmed into
WiSP or PB as this may slow down the software testing.

Last Thursday afternoon there was a problem with TMSAT's attitude control
that caused it to go into a "hot loop" that should have lasted about 2 hours.
To ensure that this ran as quick as possible, Chris closed the BBS to users
to reduce activity on the spacecraft.

Nothing in TMSAT's telemetry indicates that the mailbox is open.  If the
groundstation software (WiSP/PB) doesn't automatically transmit download
requests, then users can assume that it is closed.

C. Mercier, AMSAT France's secretary noticed that according to NASA's
Goddard Spaceflight Center, RS-18/Sputnik-41 decayed in the Earth's
atmosphere on 1999-Jan-11.  The last Keplerian elements available are :

IntID/Name   CatNo Source period   Incl Apogee Perigee      RCS
------------ ----- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------- --------
1998-062C    25533 CIS      89.4   51.7    251     241   0.1872
SPUTNIK 41                Launched (1998/10/25) Decayed [1999/01/11] 

SPUTNIK 41    Decayed: 1999/01/11
1 25533U 98062C   99011.27784502  .36532436  12708-4  37292-3 0  1316
2 25533  51.6341  60.1503 0001083  50.3915 309.7247 16.50803227  9678
SPUTNIK 41    Decayed: 1999/01/11
1 25533U 98062C   99011.21736111  .25907650  12594-4  66284-3 0  1300
2 25533  51.6336  60.5005 0002176 332.2716  28.6263 16.45970281  9661

Those who sent for RS-18 QSL cards may check to see if their QSLs have
been received by the QSL manager by visiting the following URL:


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