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[jamsat-news:939] * SpaceNews 12-Oct-98 *

* SpaceNews 12-Oct-98 *

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		        MONDAY OCTOBER 12, 1998

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Irving, ZL1MO, reports that he is setting up his satellite station as part
of a JOTA station, which is being established by the Rodney Amateur Radio
Club - Branch 71 of the NZ Association of Amateur Radio (NZART).  The
callsign that will be used for the event is ZL1ROD.

Irving reports that his group is already asking the "troops" to prepare
some messages that they can get out via the KO-25 satellite in anticipation
of a reply on or before the day that can be "stored" for release on the
"big-day", which will be between 1900 UTC 17th October to 0400 UTC on 18th

Irving requests any JOTA mail or offers from stations wishing to send mail
to his Guides, Scouts, Brownies, Cubs etc. as he wishes to make this event
a memorable one for both the "troops" and their parents in the hopes of
attracting a few more future hams.  Irving's group also hopes to be active
on HF, the LEO satellites, and also UHF/VHF working via local repeater
networks, in addition to packet, if all goes according to plan!

Irving is looking for schedules on HF, and requests those interested to
please contact him with time and frequency information so he knows where
to look for contacts if conditions permit.  Irving may be reached via
the AO-16, UO-22, KO-23, and KO-25 satellites, and on packet radio at

[Info via Irving, ZL1MO]

Ray, W2RS recently operated a portable station from Porlamar, Isla de
Margarita, Venezuela (FK80bw) while attending an IARU meeting.  Ray was
successful in making a number of contacts through the AO-27 satellite using
only a Yaesu FT-50R handheld transceiver running 5-watts and an MFJ-1717
dual-band whip antenna.  Ray's contacts served as a demonstration for IARU
delegates from Member Societies through Region 2 as well as those from other
regions who attended the meeting, and showed just how easy it would be for
their members to work the AO-27 satellite with simple equipment.  High noise
levels on 10-meters, and a lack of 2-meter SSB and CW equipment made RS
satellite operation impossible.  Ray reports that QSLs should be directed
to his home mailing address.

The RS-12 and RS-13 satellites appear to be undergoing testing by spacecraft
controllers.  Either (or both) satellite may be found operating in any mode
at any time.  Many reports have been received indicating that the modes are
frequently changing, but in every mode, the operation of the satellites
appear to be very good.

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My apologies, but there was no SpaceNews issued last week.

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