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[jamsat-news:929] * SpaceNews 21-Sep-98 *

* SpaceNews 21-Sep-98 *

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		        MONDAY SEPTEMBER 21, 1998

SpaceNews originates at KD2BD in Wall Township, New Jersey, USA.  It
is published every week and is made available for non-commercial use.

Its been another uneventful month for OSCAR-11.  During the period
1998-Aug-15 1998-Sep-15, good signals have been received from OSCAR-11's
145.826 MHz FM beacon.  Telemetry has been nominal, and the battery voltage
continues to improve, averaging 13.8 volts, with values ranging from 13.6
to 13.9 volts observed.

OSCAR-11's internal temperatures are slowly increasing and are now 6.6C
and 4.8C for battery and telemetry electronics respectively, thus indicating
an increase of about 3C during the month.  This is due to the decrease
in solar eclipse times, which is improving the power budget without
creating excessive internal temperatures.

The single WOD survey of channels 1, 2, 3, 61 (magnetometers) dated
1998-Jul-01 which began at 16:24:09 UTC has is still being transmitted
by the satellite.

A report of the OSCAR-11 Mode-S beacon has been received from Ted, WA2HKS,
who has heard the beacon many times during the last two months.  Many thanks

The operating schedule remains unchanged:

	ASCII status (210 seconds)
	ASCII bulletin (60 seconds)
	BINARY SEU (30 seconds)
	ASCII TLM (90 seconds)
	ASCII WOD (120 seconds)
	ASCII bulletin (60 seconds)
	BINARY ENG (30 seconds)

The ASCII bulletin is currently a static message detailing modes and
frequencies of all the amateur radio satellites.  Additional status blocks
are currently being transmitted after each news bulletin and between ASCII
TLM and WOD.

The Mode-S beacon is ON transmitting an unmodulated carrier, but telemetry
indicates that it has partially failed, and delivering half power.  This
beacon is a useful test source for those testing Mode-S converters, prior
to the launch of P3-D.  It is considerably weaker than DOVE, which should
be used for initial testing.  Any reports of reception on 2401 MHz would
be most welcome, and should be directed to Clive Wallis at: g3cwv@amsat.org.

The 435.025 MHz beacon is normally OFF.  However, it can sometimes be heard
when the satellite is being commanded by ground control, ie. within range of
Guildford, UK.  When the 435 MHz beacon is transmitting, the 145 MHz beacon
is normally OFF.  The data transmitted is mainly binary.

Listeners to OSCAR-11 may be interested in Clive Wallis's OSCAR-11 web
site.  The site contains details of hardware required and some software for
capturing data and decoding ASCII telemetry and WOD.  There is an archive
of raw data (mainly WOD) for analysis which is continually being expanded
as new data is captured.  Also included are some audio files including
examples of each type of data transmitted by OSCAR-11.  Each one plays
for about ten seconds.  There are also examples of Mode-S reception.
All the audio files are zipped, so that they can be played off-line.
These should help listeners identify the various types of data and give
an indication of the signal quality required for successful decoding.

Two new Whole Orbit Data software packages were recently added to Clive's
OSCAR-11 Web site.  The first package, ORBILL.ZIP, enables various WOD
channels to be compared with the solar eclipse status of the satellite.
The second package, U2MAG1.ZIP, compares measured and calculated magnetic
fields encountered by the satellite.  Both packages are of an advanced
nature, especially U2MAG1.ZIP, which is rather complicated!  Users will
need experience of using the other WOD packages on the web site as well
as a spread sheet program.  The URL is:


[Info via Clive Wallis, G3CWV]

* UA3CR - SK *
Peter Guelzow, DB2OS, sadly reported that Leonied Labutin, UA3CR, died
of a heart attack on 1998-Sep-10 at his summer residence near Moscow.
Pat Gowen, G3IOR, reports that Leo got thoat cancer some years ago, and
was only able to communicate with him on a regular basis by means of
packet radio or CW.

Peter stated that Leo was a very well known and respected person in the
Russian amateur satellite and space scene for a long while, and was very
active until his death.  He was on the South Pole after the launch of RS5
through RS8 for testing Store & Foward techniques from such remote locations.
He also assisted the North Pole Bearing bridge Transpolar Ski Trek Expedition
between the USSR and Canada in 1989 that included communications via Amateur
Satellites.  Leo was directly involved in various RS satellite projects, and
helped to negotiate the delivery of amateur radio equipment to the MIR space
station.  Leo also operated a mailbox system and digipeater in Moscow with a
regular Gateway to UO-22.  He was also one of the first groundstations and
gateway for the Digital Communications Experiment on UO-11. 

Leo will be missed by the entire amateur satellite community.

[Info via Peter Guelzow, DB2OS]

* AO-27 NEWS *
If anyone needs Hawaii and/or Alaska on satellite, now is a good time to
try AO-27.  In the past couple of weeks, Hawaii and Alaska have been quite
active on AO-27.  As always, make sure you can at least copy callsigns
before transmitting on AO-27 so you don't cause QRM.  AO-27 has a very
sensitive receiver and it is rare that someone isn't active on AO-27 on
North American passes.  AH6HH has been especially active over the past
week, and is making special efforts to give folks on the mainland a chance
to work the Islands.

[Info via KD6PAG]

* FO-29 NEWS *
Kazu Sakamoto, JJ1WTK, reports no new information regarding the
operation of the FO-29 satellite.  The satellite continues in Mode JA.

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