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[jamsat-news:921] * SpaceNews 07-Sep-98 *

* SpaceNews 07-Sep-98 *

BID: $SPC0907


		        MONDAY SEPTEMBER 7, 1998

SpaceNews originates at KD2BD in Wall Township, New Jersey, USA.  It
is published every week and is made available for non-commercial use.

The Station Program setup and patch files have been moved and are now
located on the AMSAT-NA web site:


Thanks to Paul, KB5MU for finding AMSAT-BDA and Station a new home. 

[Info via Paul Willmott, VP9MU, AMSAT-BDA]

Chris Jackson reports that TMSAT is still undergoing testing by controllers.
Most of the systems have been tested and are operational.  The downlink was
still only on over Europe and Bangkok last week.

The imaging system has been utilized quite considerably to calibrate the
cameras.  Controllers downloaded the first multispectral image of San
Francisco Bay area last Tuesday, and it was really quite impressive.
Images received from TMSAT wil be posted to the Web when controllers
have finished analyzing the results of the camera offset calibration.

* RS-12 NEWS *
Rusty, NM1K, reports that Jody, VP5JM, is scheduling RS-12 contacts.  Rusty
contacted Jody via RS-12 in the latter part of August.  Rusty also reports
that he, in fact, did work TF3TK in Iceland on RS-12.

* RS-15 NEWS *
John Heath, G7HIA, in central England reports recently trying RS-15 on a
near overhead pass on 1998-Sep-05 at 2100 UTC.  John heard no beacon, but
his return signal was very strong and suffered little from QSB between an
elevation of about 30 degrees up to TCA.  Just after TCA as the bird was
going away, his signal went right down to about S3, and then quickly
disappeared into the noise.  Calling CQ with a downlink frequency of
29.377 MHz yielded no takers.  John is running about 20 watts to a
5 element RHCP yagi to access RS-15.

* FO-20 NEWS *
Peter, NH6VB in Hawaii reports that several Hawaiian stations are making
extraordinary efforts to give mainland stations a chance to work KH6.
At 18:40 UTC on 1998-Sep-06, AH6HH, WB6FZH/KH6, and NH6VB were all active
on FO-20.  Peter reports that besides the usual stations working KH6 daily,
no one else was around from the West Coast or Alaska.  KH6 is now very well
represented on all analog satellites.  All you have to do is listen and talk
to the stations currently active

Ian Gill, ZL3TGK reported in a recent QNEWS report that a microscopic
electron tube has successfully been constructed by a researcher in the
Netherlands.  The triode measures less than 5 micrometers across and is
etched in silicon using the same process used to produce integrated circuits. 
The tube uses a pin-point field emitter rather than a filament heater to 
generate its electron flow.  

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