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[jamsat-news:625] * SpaceNews 01-Sep-97 *

* SpaceNews 01-Sep-97 *

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SpaceNews originates at KD2BD in Wall Township, New Jersey, USA.  It
is published every week and is made available for non-commercial use.

Miles Mann, WF1F, reports that the Mir crew has been quite active lately
on 2-meters.  Ray, W2RS, reports having a two-way voice contact with Mike
Foale on 24-Aug-97 at 1626 UTC.  Mike was on 145.985 MHz simplex over North
America and Ray contacted him using only a 2-watt handheld transceiver (Yaesu
FT-50R) and a quarter-wave whip antenna.  Despite a heavy work load and power
limitions, the amateur radio station has been on almost continously.  Michael
Foale mentioned that due to his heavy work load, he may not be able to reply
to everyone's packet mail, but will do his best.

The Mir Persoanl Message System (PMS) currently consists of a Paccom Handi
packet terminal node controller (TNC) connected to a Kenwood TM-733 2m/70cm
transceiver.  The antenna is an externally mounted dual band antenna, similar
to a mobile antenna.  Mike is using the equipment to augment his messages to
his family and friends.  Every day Mike has a radio schedule with his collegues
in Houston using the Kenwood TM-733.  MIREX members (N6CO and WF1F) are handling
daily family traffic for the crew members.  They also run free phone patches
for the crews to their family members regularly.

Some stations have noticed that the 2-meteter station on Mir is turned off for
a pass or two during the day.  This is usually the result of desense by the
commercial VHF transmitter on-board Mir operating on 143.625 MHz.  The MIREX
team is working on a external filter to solve this problem, but an installation
date have not yet been finalized.

Michael Foale provided the following Mir status reports via the Mir packet
radio station onboard Mir.  Mike's messages were relayed to SpaceNews by
Dr. Dave Larsen, N6CO:

  Stat   : PR
  Posted : 08/19/97 23:04
  To     : ALL
  From   : R0MIR
  @ BBS  :
  BID    :
  Subject: Mir status

  Tnc reset again. After Anatoli successfully docked the progress 
  yesterday, manually, we replaced the bad computer that controls the GNC 
  of the station,  and reestablished attitude control and solar pointing 
  today.  Anatoli and Pavel have completed their EVA training run in the 
  suits, and we are now working to have everything ready for the Power 
  Connect EVA to take place in the node, on Friday.
  Mike. Rodnika.


  Stat   : PR
  Posted : 08/23/97 13:54
  To     : ALL
  From   : R0MIR
  @ BBS  :
  BID    :
  Subject: Mir Status

  Well, looks like Anatoli and Pavel really set the big hatch plug, with 80 
  cables coming out of it, just fine in the hatch way of Spekter.  We are 
  now getting the station back into shape, trying to reconnect cables 
  disconnected before the eva.  First attempts to check the new cables to 
  spekter will be Monday.  Thanks for all your good wishes.  Mike.


  Stat   : PR
  Posted : 08/29/97 09:27
  To     : ALL
  From   : R0MIR
  @ BBS  :
  BID    :
  Subject: Mir status

  We have been steadily working to get the Elektron in Kvant working - and 
  now it is, producing O2.  Now Anatoli is working in Kvant 2 to see if we 
  can get another Elektron to work as a hot backup.  More work will be done 
  connecting up cables to enable power to Priroda, after the EVA.  Krictal 
  has been powered for 2 days now, and is much warmer.  The Greenhouse 
  plants are producing 5cm. long siliques, and the airlock is ready for our 
  suit preparations, for Anatoli and I to do EVA on 5th September, roughly. 
  We will inspect damage site on Spektr, and install handrails and a 
  truss, to enable future access and repair.  In addition, we will install 
  a valve on the base block, to enable the installation of a backup CO2 
  scrubbing system, known as Vozduk.  Mike. 

Recent messages carried on the Mir PMS include the following:

Msg # Stat Date     Time  To     From   @ BBS  Subject
  282 P    08/29/97 13:08 LU7VBT EB7GJA        Hola Omar...
  281 P    08/29/97 12:43 R0MIR  LU4HE         Expect answer
  280 PR   08/29/97 09:27 ALL    R0MIR         Mir status
  265 P    08/28/97 22:29 KF4OYP R0MIR         thanks.
  208 P    08/27/97 10:07 KD2BD  R0MIR         hello
  171 P    08/26/97 09:29 KC7NTW R0MIR         peggy
  169 P    08/26/97 09:24 EB3GFG R0MIR         peace
   74 P    08/23/97 14:03 OA4DNW R0MIR         jungle
   68 P    08/23/97 13:39 WB8HRO R0MIR         dreams
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[Thanks to Miles Mann, WF1F, and Dr. Dave Larsen, N6CO for this information]

* RS-12 NEWS *
Bob, W2GG, reports that Arnie, CO2KK in Cuba is active on RS-12.  Arnie
reported that he would be active on morning orbits (local time in the
Americas).  His QSL manager is W5WP (ex-WQ5Y).

Pat Gowen, G3IOR, is in the hospital undergoing surgery to remove a kidney
stone.  He does not have Internet facilities but "get well" wishes may be
sent to his home, 17 Heath Crescent, Hellesdon, Norwich, Norfolk NR6 6XD,

[Info via Ray, W2RS]

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