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[jamsat-news:503] * SpaceNews 10-Mar-97 *

* SpaceNews 10-Mar-97 *

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			  MONDAY MARCH 10, 1997

SpaceNews originates at KD2BD in Wall Township, New Jersey, USA.  It
is published every week and is made available for non-commercial use.

The 04-Mar-97 issue of OMRI Digest reported that Russia successfully
carried out its first launch from the new Svobodnyi cosmodrome in Amur
Oblast on 04-Mar-97, sending a Zeya military satellite into orbit aboard
a Start-1 booster rocket (a modified SS-25 ballistic missile).  The Zeya
satellite is equipped GLONASS and GPS receivers along with 20 laser
reflectors for tracking purposes.  Of interest to Amateur Radio Operators
is the fact that the Zeya satellite also carries a Radio Sputnik Amateur
Radio communications transponder.  Zeya is identified as RS-16, and
Amateurs around the world have successfully copied CW telemetry
transmissions from the new satellite on 29.408 MHz.  OZ1MY reported
hearing what sounded like slow PSK on 29.451 MHz on at least one pass.

The following are the latest Keplerian elements for Radio Sputnik 16 
(RS-16) from the NASA OIG RAID RBBS as provided by Ken Ernandes, N2WWD:

1 24744U 97010A   97066.14889668  .00002139  00000-0  74153-4 0   367
2 24744  97.2814 333.1163 0009586  91.5327 268.6998 15.30875098   474

Bob Zimmerman, NP4B, reports that station NP4B (Arecibo, Puerto Rico) will
make a 1296 MHz lunar receiving test on Sunday, March 9.  For lack of an
hour-angle motor,  the NP4B dish is fixed at 20 degrees above the eastern
horizon.  The moon will pass through the beam at 8:25 AM Atlantic Standard
Time (1225 UTC) with a declination of -1.8=BA.  A QSL will be sent to any
station heard.

Miles Mann, WF1F, has provided the following messages from the members of
the Mir 22 crew prior to their departure at the beginning of March.  These
messages were relayed to planet earth using the Amateur Radio station on
board the Mir space station.

  From commander Valery Korsan on Mir, Crew #22.
  Valery and Aleksander will be returning home on 3/2/97
  Jerry and the new Crew #23 are currently manning the mir space station

  To     : ALL    
  From   : R0MIR  
  @ BBS  :        
  xID    : 
  Subject: Bye bye

  Bye bye our nice & kind frends.
  Tnx for your contacts with R0MIR-1 space station MIR.
  We'll remember all you & your support us in spase 
  flight,your humour,your attention to our job on the orbit.
  We were happy

  Stat   : PR    
  Posted : 02/27/97 19:22
  To     : ALL    
  From   : R0MIR  
  @ BBS  :        
  xID    : 

  Subject: From "Frigate"

  Our nicname was "Frigate",new crew is "Sirius".
  "Frigate says goodbye to all our friends on planet Earth.  
  It was great to talk with you all--we enjoyed it alot.   
  We wish you good health, success, and happiness.      

  Dosvidania.73 de R0MIR-"Frigate".

Brian Webb, KD6NRP, reports observing Hale-Bopp on the morning of Wednesday
05-Mar-97 at 04:50 PST from Thousand Oaks, California.  The comet was about
15 degrees above the northeast horizon.  Brian reported that to the unaided
eye, the nucleus was bright.  As a matter of fact, it was the third brighest
object in the sky (the moon was the brighest, followed by the star Vega).
A tail more than 1 degree in length was seen (this is significant, since
the sky at his location is bright due to light pollution).  Brian estimated
the brightness of the nucleus to be about magnitude +0.6.

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