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[jamsat-news:493] * SpaceNews 10-Feb-97 *

* SpaceNews 10-Feb-97 *

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SpaceNews originates at KD2BD in Wall Township, New Jersey, USA.  It
is published every week and is made available for non-commercial use.

Activity in AMSAT-NA's 25th annual Straight Key Night on OSCAR was good
despite the loss of AO-13.  RS-10 and RS-12 were especially active, with
some SKN stations logged on AO-10, RS-15, and FO-20 as well.

For the second year in a row, our Grand Prize winner is Rusty, NM1K.  Last
year, Rusty received four separate nominations; this year, he got six!
Other Best Fist winners, each for the first time, include K8NQC, OE2SNL,
VE3PYG and W2FB.  Congratulations to one and all.

See you next year, hopefully on Phase 3D!

[Info via Ray, W2RS]

CE3LWV, PY2FXE, and VE7VDX all report that Valerie has been very active
as R0MIR from the Mir space station.  Communications were made using an
uplink of 145.200 MHz and downlink of 145.800 MHz.  All stations report
good signals from Mir, and conversations with Valerie have indicated that
all are doing well on the space station.  His recent 7.5 hour space walk
was successful, and he also reported that Jerry Linenger has not been on
the air very much because he has been very busy with experiments on Mir.

The launch of the RS-16 satellite has apparently been delayed.  The Start-1
rocket will instead be used to launch a commercial remote sensing payload
belonging to the US.  RS-16 *may* be launched at the end of February.

[Info via the Jonathan Space Report]

Back in June 1991, AMSAT-UK resumed the UoSAT-OSCAR-11 news service under
the editorship of G3RWL because UoS (who had previously edited bulletins)
was concentrating on satellites rather than news.  Over this time, the
service has waxed and waned according to various priorities but, at last,
the following is bulletin number ONE HUNDRED.  AMSAT-UK has tried to service
listeners who were unable to receive amateur satellite news by any other
method; but perhaps there aren't any more listeners to UO-11 in this age
of digital satellites and the Internet.

Bulletin number two (14 June 1991) gave advance information about UoSat-F
which went on to become UO-22.  Since then, to mention just a few, the
following subjects has been covered:

All current, and up-coming, satellites; AMSAT-UK -NA and other annual meetings;
Kepler algorithms; Project Moonray; EME for OSCAR users; Ariane launches;
visual sightings; MIR; orbits; large donations; Short Bursts; honours; IARU;
Shuttle >< Mir; Amsat-NA BOD nominations; software; telemetry formats; Internet
information sources; DXpeditions; Mars Observer; world-time change; Silent
Keys; Straight-Key-Night; new Amsat groups; awards; International Space
Station; anniversaries and newsflashes.  Sources have largely been SpaceNews
and ANS who we thank for their dedication.

Bulletin size is limited, by UO-11's available memory, to a maximum of 3000
bytes but news writers have managed to fit everything in.

Ever since day-one Richard, G3RWL, has been asking for feedback, especially
from schools and educators; sadly few people respond to the plea.  Guest and
educational bulletins were also invited ... but none came.  Richard can't
help wondering if *anyone* bothers to listen to UO-11 any more; perhaps
the UO-11 news service should cease; has anyone any suggestions for something
of deeper interest?

UO-11 transmits on 145.825 MHz fm with 1200/2400Hz tones in what used to
be known as the Kansas City (CUTS) tone standard.  The bulletin has always
included the latest keplerian elements for UO-11 plus other orbital elements
when relevent; a plea for feedback; and electronic and mail addresses for

[Info via Richard W. L. Limebear, G3RWL, g3rwl@amsat.org]

Comments and input for SpaceNews should be directed to the editor (John,
KD2BD) via any of the paths listed below:
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