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[jamsat-bb:18629] Re: Digitalker Timer Operation Test

Dear all,

Good Morning.
Thank you very much for your report.

The mission command was published correctly from main OBC to mission OBC on time.
The two ax25 frame is mission OBC ON and OFF command.

However, it seems that the DIgitalker did not work wellsorry.
We will check it and try again.

All the best and thanks again for your cooperation!

ARTSAT project / Akihiro Kubota

On May 21, 2014, at 9:22 PM, Akihiro Kubota <akihiro.kubota@nifty.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> ARTSAT1: INVADER (CO-77) will test timer operation of digitalker at 2014/5/2119:45 in Europe.
> Please receive it to check whether it works well or not.
> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1336163/ScrSav006.jpg
> Thanks in advance and all the best.
> ARTSAT Project / Akihiro Kubota

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