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Subject: LES1 Back on the Air After 46 Years

Excerpt from AMSAT News Service Bulletin ANS-62, 3-4-2013:"American satellite starts transmitting after being abandoned in 1967

An American satellite, abandoned in 1967 as a piece of Space Junk
has begun transmitting again after 46 years.

An Amateur Radio Astronomer in North Cornwall accidentally picked up
the signal and after cross checking with various lists, has
identified it as LES1 built by the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology and launched in 1965. The satellite failed to reach its
intended orbit owing to a wiring error and has been drifting out of
control ever since.

Phil Williams G3YPQ from near Bude noticed its peculiar signal drift
caused by its tumbling end over end every 4 seconds as the solar
panels become shadowed by the engine. 'This gives the signal a
particularly ghostly sound as the voltage from the solar panels
fluctuates' Phil says.

It is likely that the on board batteries have now disintegrated and
some other component failure has caused the transmitter on 237Mhz, to
start up when its in sunlight.

LES1 is about the size of a small car, It is not likely to re-enter
the atmosphere for a long time as the orbit is still relatively high.
It poses no threat other than that caused by the thousands of other
pieces of space junk in orbit.

Phil says its remarkable to think that electronics built nearly 50
years ago, 12 years before Voyager 1, and long before microprocessors
and integrated circuits, is still capable of working in the hostile
environs of space.

Listening to the signal you can easily imagine the craft tumbling
over and over every 4 seconds and the transmitter starting up as the
sun rises. He refers to the hobby as 'Radio-Archeology'!

[ANS thanks Phil Williams G3YPQ and Southgate ARN for the above
Thanks to ANS for this "heads up".
The following are the current KEPs for the above LES1 satellite:1 01002U 65008C 13064.32955047 .00000008 00000-0 00000+0 0 52202 01002 032.1483 018.6510 0014179 017.4511 102.0829 09.88347610736462

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