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Research Article for Publication.

Dear Researcher,

Warm Greetings from Sci-Edit Publications. 

We would like to take an opportunity to introduce ourselves as an emerging international publisher providing high quality English editing services for academic research articles and books, and publishing several research Journals.. 

Language Editing-

* Our Editors are highly qualified and well aware about the content.
* We are providing free trial up to 500 words. 
* Our charges are very low i.e. 2 USD/100 words for exhaustive editing, and only 1 USD/100 words for basic editing (proofreading). 
* Pay only after complete satisfaction. 

Our Journals-

* All journals are peer-reviewed.
* All journals have free online access (Open-Access).
* At present, there is no fee of any kind for the publication (Free Publication).
* All journals are available online as well as in print.
* Indexed in major article databases.

We also invite you to join the editorial board in the journals of your research area.

Please visit our website for further details. 

http://sci-edit.net/     (Homepage and English Editing)
http://sci-edit.net/journal/   (Published Journals)

Sci-Edit Publications

(This is only a single time invitation. You are not subscribed to any mailing list.)