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Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2012 3:06 PM
Subject: HAMSAT VO-52:Transponder 2 (Dutch) Performance Feedback Format

Dear HAMSAT VO-52 users,

Due to hectic official schedules, we were unable to respond and
acknowledge 'INDIVIDUALLY' to all those who shared their information,
reports, concerns, views, opinions, good wishes and greetings with us
during the time of crisis with HAMSAT VO-52 and there after the
successful activation of transponder.

Hence, we take this opportunity through this mail, to express our
sincere thanks once again to each and every one of you for sharing
with us your valuable feed backs and signal reports on the performance
of the HAMSAT VO-52 transponder # 2.

As mentioned earlier, we are in the process of documenting a 'Anomaly
Analysis  and Transponder 2 Switch ON' report containing the feed back
from users and the same needs to be completed and submitted at the

In this regard, we request all of you to kindly spare a little of your
precious time to send in your valuable signal reports in the 'ENCLOSED

1.We are looking for signal reports for further next three days, at least.

2. Kindly use SEPARATE FORMAT for EACH entry/report/observation.

3. We also request to kindly re-send all your earlier reports that
have already been sent to us, using the 'Format Enclosed'.

4. As many as reports can be sent, but we expect at least one from
each one of you.

4. The dully filled in formats may kindly be sent to ;


and copied to


We do hope, you all would bear with us.

73 de

Mani, VU2WMY Secretary & Station-In-Charge Upagrah Amateur Radio Club VU2URC ISRO Satellite Centre HAL Airport Road, Bangalore-560 017. Phone:(O)91-80-25082054/2598/2192 Mobile: 91-80-98803 41456 E-mail ID: wmy@isac.gov.in vu2wmy_mani@yahoo.com isrohams@yahoo.com

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