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[jamsat-bb:17847] Re: AA5UK/KH6 Schedule for 3/31/2010




Greetings all,

The AO7 pass this morning was very difficult. I am experiencing locally heavy QRN on 2m. I had 
one email from an XE station that suggested  troposcatter could have been affecting my receive as 
there was 2m propagation from HI to Baja at the time. Very possible. At the low angles that I am 
working, it would not surprise me. Any other theories?

I was on several other passes FO-29 and VU-52 passes this AM and only worked a couple of 
stations. I heard one W6 station this morning's pass I had a rough time copying you. Drop me a 
note if you get this email. Sure wish to see more activity on the linear satellites.   

Here is what I plan for this afternoon (HI):
FO-29 @ 03:34 UTC 
FO-29 @ 05:16 UTC I can only work AOS to TCA then I have building blockage.
VU-52 @ 06:50 UTC
FO-29 @ 07:02 UTC. I am still looking for JA's. I know some of you are still at work but please 
spread the word locally to others who can be on the air from JA. The opportunity to work KH6 is 
getting very small.

No plans for SO-50 or AO-27 at this time as the schedule is not ideal and there are local KH6 
stations that can provide contacts on those satellites as previously indicated.

HO-68 19:28 UTC SSB (center of band SSB only) I will make an effort to get on. Hopefully no 
gremlins this time.

Full schedule to be announced.
I know many are chomping at the bit for HO-68 on FM and it looks like this will be my last 
opportunity to work this mode.
Will try to make it. Again wind and weather conditions permitting:
HO-68 18:55 UTC.

All for now. I am going sightseeing and work on grabbing some vacation time.

Aloha, 73 Adrian AA5UK/KH6
> AdrianさんがハワイからQRVしています。30日夕方のパスにQRVされましたが
> 今晩(日が変わって早朝3時頃)にもQRVの予定です。北海道、東北の皆様、
>AA5UK/KH6 BL02ic
>FO-29: 3/31 17:58 UTC  looking for JA's
> 以下、amsat-bbより
>JN1GKZ 新井
>Here are the plans for 3/31/2010:
>AO-7    15:51 UTC I have a sked at the start of the pass that will last 2 mn after that I will 
>around 145.960 to .965 SSB only.
>FO-29: 16:13 UTC
>FO-29: 17:58 UTC  looking for JA's
>VU-52: 18:31 UTC
>FO-29: 03:34 UTC
>FO-29: 05:16 UTC  AOS to TCA only due to house blockage
>VU-52: 06:50 UTC
>On most passes look for me middle of the band.
>73, AA5UK/KH6 BL02ic


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